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Chemistry Labs

CHM 1025 Lab:
Students investigate single and double displacement reactions, precipitation reactions, basic weight relationships, oxidation-reduction reactions, and acid-base reactions. They are also introduced to some experiments that utilize the computer and electronic sensing devices (i.e. temperature and pressure).

CHM 2045 and 2046 Labs:
Students spend more time on the concepts covered in CHM 1025 lab. Students conduct more experiments utilizing the computer and electronic sensing devices (i.e. temperature, pressure, colorimeters). They are introduced to the principles of qualitative analysis.

CHM 2210 and 221 labs:
Students in the organic chemistry lab are investigate the  properties that aid in the identification of organic compounds – melting and boiling determination, thin layer and column chromatography,  and recrystallization.
They learn the principles of infrared spectroscopy and gain “hand-on” experience with the spectrophotometer. They are introduced to microscale techniques and have the opportunity to synthesize several compounds using environmentally-friendly concepts.

GlasswareMolecular models

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