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Building 3 Room 101
ACG2021  Financial Accounting                                                                         
ACG2071  Managerial Accounting                                                                        
ACG2100  Intermediate Accounting                                                                      
ACG3024  Accounting for Nonfinancial Majors                                                           
ACO1807  Payroll Accounting                                                                           
APA1111  Business Accounting                                                                          
APA1111  Tutoring - inactive - see business                                                           
ART1201C  Basic Design I                                                                              
ART1300C  Freehand Drawing I                                                                          
ART1500C  Painting I                                                                                  
ART2203C  Basic Design II                                                                             
ART2301C  Freehand Drawing II                                                                         
ART2501C  Painting II                                                                                 
ART2701C  Sculpture                                                                                   
ART2750C  Ceramics                                                                                    
BSC2010  Integrated Principles of Biology I                                                           
BUL2241  Business Law 1                                                                               
CET1171  Introduction to Computer Technology                                                          
CGS1100  Microcomputer Applications                                                                   
CGS2103  Spreadsheet Applications                                                                     
CGS2557  Internet Technologies                                                                        
CGS2930  Introduction to Computer Skills                                                              
CHM1025  Introductory Chemistry                                                                       
CHM1032  Chemistry for the Health-Related Fields                                                      
CHM2045  General Chemistry I                                                                          
CHM2046  General Chemistry Il                                                                         
CHM2210/2211  Organic Chemistry                                                                       
ECO2013  Principles of Economics - Macro                                                              
ECO2023  Principles of Economics - Micro                                                              
GEB1101  Introduction to Business                                                                     
GLY1102  Age of Dinosaurs                                                                             
HLP1081  Personal Wellness Appraisal and Improvem                                                     
HUM1020  Introduction to the Humanities                                                               
MAC1105  College Algebra                                                                              
MAC1114  Trigonometry                                                                                 
MAC1140  Precalculus (Algebra)                                                                        
MAC1147  Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry                                                             
MAC2311  Calculus I with Analytic Geometry                                                            
Man2021  Principles of Management                                                                     
MAT0057  Developmental Mathematics                                                                    
MAT1033  Intermediate Algebra                                                                         
MGF1106  Liberal Arts Mathematics I                                                                   
MGF1107  Lib Arts Math II                                                                             
MAR2011  Principles of Marketing                                                                      
OST2335  Business Communications                                                                      
PGY1401C  Photography I                                                                               
QMB1001  College Business Mathematics                                                                 
SLS1501 Office  Word/PowerPoint Help for SLS1501                                                      
STA2023  Elementary Statistics                                                                        
Tax 2010  Federal Income Tax II                                                                       
TAX2000  Federal Income Tax I                                                                         


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