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Building 3 Room 101
ACG2021 - Financial Accounting                                      
ACG2071 - Managerial Accounting                                     
ACG2071 - Tutoring - see business                                   
ACG2100 - Intermediate Accounting                                   
ACG3024 - Accounting for Nonfinancial Majors                        
ACO1807 - Payroll Accounting                                        
APA1111 - Business Accounting                                       
ART1201C - Basic Design I                                           
ART1300C - Freehand Drawing I                                       
ART1500C - Painting I                                               
ART2203C - Basic Design II                                          
ART2301C - Freehand Drawing II                                      
ART2501C - Painting II                                              
ART2701C - Sculpture                                                
ART2750C - Ceramics                                                 
BSC1020 - Biology and the Human Experience                          
BUL2241 - Business Law 1                                            
CET1171 - Introduction to Computer Technology                       
CGS1100 - Microcomputer Applications                                
CGS2103 - Spreadsheet Applications                                  
CGS2557 - Internet Technologies                                     
CHM1025 - Introductory Chemistry                                    
CHM1032 - Chemistry for the Health-Related Fields                   
CHM2045 - General Chemistry I                                       
CHM2046 - General Chemistry Il                                      
CHM2210/2211 - Organic Chemistry                                    
ECO2013 - Principles of Economics - Macro                           
ECO2023 - Principles of Economics - Micro                           
GEB1101 - Introduction to Business                                  
GLY1102 - Age of Dinosaurs                                          
Hesi Testing - Pre-Nursing Test                                     
HUM1020 - Introduction to the Humanities                            
HUM1021 - Tutoring                                                  
MAC1105 - College Algebra                                           
MAC1114 - Trigonometry                                              
MAC1140 - Precalculus (Algebra)                                     
MAC1147 - Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry                          
MAC2311 - Calculus I with Analytic Geometry                         
Man2021 - Principles of Management                                  
MAR2011 - Principles of Marketing                                   
MAT0057 - Developmental Mathematics                                 
MAT1033 - Intermediate Algebra                                      
MGF1106 - Liberal Arts Mathematics I                                
MGF1107 - Lib Arts Math II                                          
NUR0000 - Math for Nursing Students                                 
OST2335 - Business Communications                                   
PGY1401C - Photography I                                            
PHY 2049 - Tutoring                                                 
PHY1020 - Elementary Physics Non-Science Maj.                       
PHY1053 - General Physics I                                         
PHY1054 - General Physics II                                        
PHY2048 - General Physics with Calculus                             
QMB1001 - College Business Mathematics                              
SPN1120 - Elementary Spanish I                                      
SPN1121 - Elementary Spanish II                                     
STA2023 - Elementary Statistics                                     
Tax 2010 - Federal Income Tax II                                    
TAX2000 - Federal Income Tax I                                      


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