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Staff Information

Dr. Stacy L. Dickson, Jr.
Dean of Public Service/ Criminal Justice
(352) 854-2322 Ext. 1360
email: dicksons@cf.edu

Susan Murphy
Staff Assistant
(352) 854-2322 Ext. 1356
email: murphysu@cf.edu

Sangi Blair
Coordinator, Criminal Justice
(352) 854-2322 Ext. 1380
email: blairs@cf.edu
Kat Kelley
Coordinator, Criminal Justice
(352) 854-2322 Ext. 1264
email: kelleyk@cf.edu

Mike Shuler
Educational Advisor-Public Service
(352) 854-2322 Ext. 1516
email: shulerm@cf.edu

Charles, James
Coordinator, Criminal Justice
(352) 854-2322, ext. 1431

Tom Ziesemer
Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
(352) 854-2322 Ext. 1384
email: ziesemert@cf.edu
DeBresha Walker
Records Technician
(352) 854-2322 Ext. 1381
email: walkerd@cf.edu
CPT. Kyle P. Everage
Recruiting Officer, CF Army ROTC
(352) 392-1395, ext. 246
email: keverage@aa.ufl.edu

Patricia Kalfs
Support Specialist
(352) 854-2322 Ext. 1569
email: kalfsp@cf.edu

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