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Programs of Study - B.A.S. in Business and Organizational Management

What our students are saying


Bethany Peoples

My enrollment at the College of Central Florida began in the fall of 2011 and has been very rewarding. I am a BAS seeking student majoring in Management of Information Systems with an expected graduation date of December 2013.
I would like to give recognition to the CF employees who have made a profound effect on my educational endeavors by providing continuous support, advice and dedication.  It only takes one professor to make a difference in a student’s education and CF has a great team that aims to make each student a success.
~Bethany Peoples, Management Information Systems specialization, graduating Fall 2013

Dana Ingram

Achieving a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from CF has given me a second chance at a business life for a forty something.  Funny thing about returning to school for me is that after twenty years I found I am an over achiever.  Getting a grade less than an “A” felt like failing.  Completion of this block of education has given me new wind beneath my wings. The best part of all this is my daughter saw how well I did and has started going to school at CF too.
~ Dana Ingram, Agribusiness specialization, Spring 2013 graduate

Jonathan Delicate

I am a full-time student who used to travel from Citrus County to the Ocala campus just for classes, until I finally moved to Ocala. Over the past year I have gone through many personal hardships and struggles, but my desire to complete my bachelor’s degree has kept me going.
I chose to attend CF because of the relatively low cost of tuition and my desire to gain a higher education which will significantly change my life. As a junior in the Management Information Systems program I am on track to graduate in 2014.
~ Jonathan Delicate, Management Information Systems specialization, graduating Fall 2014

Brad Vickers

After earning my AA degree from CFCC, I went to Tampa to complete my bachelors. But it became too strenuous having to travel back to Ocala every weekend. When I learned that I could finish my degree in Ocala while keeping my career on track, I immediately enrolled in CF.  After three heavily loaded semesters, I was able to complete the BAS degree in Business and Organizational Management. A grade-point average of 4.0 in the BAS program courses, graduating as a member of the International Society of Baccalaureate Scholars, and as a member of one of the first classes to receive a bachelor degree from College of Central Florida, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.
As I have always known, the sky is the limit! Thank you, College of Central Florida, for helping to make my dream a reality.
~ Brad Vickers, Business Organization and Management, graduated
Summer 2013


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