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Career Pathways
What is Career Pathways?

A Career Pathway is a sequence of courses designed to help students explore and prepare for a specific career area.  A career and academic sequence is recommended for all students regardless of post-secondary intentions. These sequences include progressive exposure to the workforce world.

As designed by the Carl D. Perkins Grant, a Career Pathway program of study identifies options for students to use when planning course work and other education activities that lead to a career. A program of study specifies secondary and post-secondary courses, includes academic and Career and Technical Education (CTE) content in a coordinated, non-duplicative progression of courses. It also can include dual enrollment opportunities, industry-related certifications, and associate or baccalaureate degree goals. Students can earn college credit by taking a CTE program of study and entering the post-secondary institution included in the articulated program. The College of Central Florida has articulation agreements with Marion, Citrus, Levy, Sumter, Lake, Alachua and Hernando counties.

A Student’s Roadmap for Career Pathways:

  • Before students enter high school, a four-year course plan is set into place through their Electronic Personal Education Plan (ePEP).
  • Students complete three courses within the same Career Pathway track and maintain a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) in those courses.
  • Students are designated as “program concentrators” when they earn three credits in a program of study.
  • Students graduate high school.
  • Students enroll in the College of Central Florida in the same Career Pathway degree track as completed in high school.
  • Students complete 12 credit hours at CF.
  • Students present a high school transcript to an A.S. advisor and have pre-determined credits applied to college transcript free of charge.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students must complete three or more courses in a program of study to be considered a concentrator.
  • If additional courses are taken in a Career Pathway, additional college credits may be earned.
  • 3.0 GPA in program of study coursework must be maintained to attain college credit.
  • Coursework must have been completed within three years to be awarded Career Pathways credit.

This document may not reflect new or modified programs of study or regulations.  Information is subject to change without notice.  Data provided is for information purposes only.  Produced August 2011.

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