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Business & Technology Degrees and Certificates

Asnap1.gif.S. Degree Programs

CF offers 2-year Associate in Science degree programs in many of today's hottest career fields. The A.S. degree prepares a student for entry into the workforce. There are also 27-30 credit hour certificate programs that can be completed in 1 year, preparing students with entry-level skills into a job. These credits can be transferred into an A.S. degree. Many programs also have Certificate options, where you can earn College Credit Certificates in a specific career field, while earning credits toward an A.S. degree. Choose below to find out more information about the programs.


College Credit Certificate Programs

Earn a Certificate while enhancing your job skills, and earning credit toward an A.S. degree

Accounting Applications Certificate - 6245 27 credit hours
Accounting Technology  (Schedule of courses offered) AS Degree - 2210 64 credit hours


Agribusiness Technology
Agribusiness Technology AS Degree - 2299 60 credit hours


Business Administration - Business Management  Certificate - 6241 24 credit hours
Business Operations Certificate - 6271 18 credit hours
Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Certificate - 6290 24 credit hours
Business Administration - Business Specialist Certificate - 6291 12 credit hours
Business Administration AS Degree - 2305 64 credit hours


Business Management
Business Management - Marketing and Administration AS Degree 64 credit hours


Computer Information
Computer Information Technology   AS Degree-2295 63 credit hours
Information Technology Support Specialist Certificate - 6288 18 credit hours


Equine Assistant Manager Certificate - 6278 24 credit hours
Equine Studies AS Degree - 2292 64 credit hours


Health Information
Health Information Technology AS Degree - 2292 67 credit hours


Paralegal AS Degree - 2278 64 credit hours


Office Administration
Office Management Certificate - 6240 27 credit hours
Office Administration-Legal Office Specialization AS Degree - 2250 63 credit hours
Office Administration-Medical Office Specialization AS Degree - 2247 63 credit hours
Office Administration-Office Management AS Degree - 2249 63 credit hours
Office Administration-Office Software Applications AS Degree - 2289 63 credit hours

  • Certificate Programs range from 18 to 34 credit hours.
  • AS and AAS degrees are range from 60 to 67 credit hours.
  • Students taking classes towards a certificate program may use those courses towards the degrees.
  • Financial aid? Check out the Web or contact Financial Aid at (352) 854-2322x1737
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