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Equine Studies
Credit Course Schedule

Fall 2014 Semester


Course No. Course Title Cr Day Time Bldg/Rm Instructor
ANS 1236 Introduction to Equine Science - OL 3       Downer/Davidson
ANS 2232C Horse Handling & Safety 3 W 1:30-4:10   Downer
ANS 1237C Equine Health Care - OL 3       Pidherney
AEB 2137C Equine Business Management 3 M 5:15-7:55   Downer
ANS 1220 Equine Sport & Competition 3 T 5:15-7:55   Downer
ANS 2403 Equine Nutrition - Hybrid 3 M 3:30-4:45   Downer
ANS 1073C Equine Anatomy and Physiology - Hybrid 3 T 3:30-4:45   Pidherney
ANS 2072C Equine Manual Therapies 3 T 12:30-3:10   Downer
ANS 2075 Locomotion Science 3 H 12:30-3:10   Pidherney
ANS 2074C Equine Injury and Rehabilitation 3 W 1:30-4:10   Pidherney
ANS 1238C Equine Behavior and Psychology - OL 3       Pidherney
ANS 1223 Equine Conformation Analysis 3 H 5:15-7:55   Downer
ANS 1930
Section 01
Special Topics – A Term: Thoroughbred Industry 1 W 5:15-6:55   Brennan
ANS 1930
Section 02
Special Topics – Event Planning – B term 1 H 10:00-12:00   Pidherney
ANS 1930
Section 03
Special Topics – Equine Research, A term 1 W 5:15-6:55   Downer
ANS 1949 Equine Co-Op1 3 M 11:00-12:00   Pidherney
AEB 1941 Equine Careers1 1 T 11:00-12:15   Brennan
1Independent study classes: meets first week of semester only

This information is subject to change and the catalog should be consulted for final course offerings.

For a current listing of credit courses, please visit our credit course schedule and choose "Equine Studies" from the "Department" drop-down menu. You must ensure that the options menu in the lower left displays the appropriate year and term, and is set for College Credit Courses.

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