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Important Information For The GED Examination

  1. Pre-registration is required.  All required documentation must be on file at the time of registration (identification, application, waivers, permission forms, fees, etc.)

  2. A Florida picture ID is required for admission to the GED exam.  There will be no exceptions.  Examinees MUST present picture ID before every test.

  3. If an examinee is taking medication that may interfere with test performance, please contact the prescribing physician to get instructions in regard to taking the medication.

  4. Purses, backpacks, beepers, cell phones, baseball caps or hats, bulky sweaters or jackets, calculators, alarm watches, food, drink, or any other personal belongings are NOT PERMITTEDExaminees may bring only identification, test fee receipts, and/or car keys into the testing room.

  5. All examinees are required to enter and exit through the main lobby doors of the Levy Center.  In order to maintain adequate testing conditions, please turn off car alarms and stereos until exiting the parking lot.  Do not congregate outside the testing room (indoors or outdoors) during breaks.

  6. No examinee will be admitted to the GED exam after the doors are closed.  Please check the testing schedule and arrive with enough time to be checked into the testing room.  Official time is determined by the testing room clock.

  7. Re-testing or partial testing in individual subject areas will follow exam schedule ONLY.  No individual subject areas will be tested at times other than those listed.  Please check the GED exam schedule for details and required arrival time.  A candidate may test in a subject area only 3 times during a calendar year.

  8. Refunds or fee credits are granted ONLY upon completion of the GED Exam Refund Request form with documentation to attest to one of the following conditions:
    • If there is a death in the examinee’s immediate family (obituary, funeral program/death certificate)
    • If the examinee is in the hospital (hospital documentation, doctor’s statement)
    • If the examinee is in court (subpoena, jury duty notice, etc.)
    • If the college makes an administrative error (no documentation needed)

  9. DO NOT CALL the Levy Center for GED results.  Scores will be sent as soon as they are received. Most scores take from 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. Examinees are responsible for ensuring that the Levy Center has a correct mailing address on file.  If an address has changed between registration and testing, a change of address form should be completed on the testing day.
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