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Student Affairs
Recent Accomplishments

Division of Student Affairs

  • Reorganized/Restructured Student Affairs:
    • Dean of Student Service (new)
    • Dean of Enrollment Management (new)
    • Director of Admissions/Records (new)
    • Registrar (revised)
    • Director, Student Life
    • Vice President Management Team (new).
  • Created new Code of Student Conduct.
  • Implemented Threat Assessment Team.
  • Implemented Special Admissions Committee for applicants with criminal background.
  • Student Assistance Program expanded.
  • Early Alert expanded.
  • Women’s Volleyball added.
  • Master Scholarship Plan developed.
  • Cyber Café built in Student Union.
  • Game room built in Student Union.
  • Remodeled Enrollment Services Center, Financial Aid, Student Life and Gymnasium.
  • Implemented Case Management for students with disabilities.
  • Created/Expanded Student Life at Citrus:
    • Ambassadors program
    • Student Activities Board.
  • Increased Financial Aid and Testing staff at Citrus Campus.
  • Expanded Student Life at Levy Center.
  • Added Intramurals (7+ activities per year).
  • Expanded club support by hiring a coordinator.
  • Increased club activities.
  • Added new clubs.
  • Created Patriot Dancers.
  • Communication improved
    • Web portal
    • Call center for Financial Aid/Enrollment Services
    • Constant Contact for emailing students.
  • Assisted with Bachelor of Applied Science/Bachelor of Science program implementation.
  • Online applications activated.
  • Transcript requests available online.
  • Improved graduation seating, sound, parking and services.
  • Received grant for DreamKeepers Emergency Grant Fund.
  • Implemented Textbook Assistance Fund to help financially challenged students.
  • Revised Standards of Academic Progress for Financial Aid.
  • Began live streaming of athletic events.
  • Hired sports information director.
  • Assisted with Student Satisfaction Survey.
  • Community College Survey Student Engagement utilized.
  • Completed Federal Financial Aid audit successfully.
  • Implemented new placement test, Postsecondary Education Readiness Test.
  • Given access to DAVE, driver license history database, for Florida residency.
  • Golf cart acquired for admission tours.
  • New wellness areas added: weight/spinning rooms.
  • Seating added in Student Union.
  • Stadium seating installed in gymnasium as part of major renovation.
  • Free coffee made available to all students, faculty and staff during start of classes and finals.
  • Initiated plans to webcast future graduations.
  • Implemented Information Stations during first days of class.
  • Sustainability initiatives supported:
    • handbook online
    • standardized online forms, with new college logo.
  • Implemented employability skills training for Work Study students.
  • Increased diversity in staff and student leaders.
  • Habla español initiative implemented.
  • Beginning financial literacy campaign.
  • Extensive work to improve Jenzabar admissions funnel in Student Affairs
  • Replaced computers in Testing and ESC to Thin Client.
  • Tracking system for offenders expanded.
  • Improved crisis management; held a mock crisis drill.
  • Nurse student screening/support provided by dean, Student Services.
  • Revised complaint/grievance procedure.
  • Revised event planning process
  • Board of President meetings run by SAB president.
  • Student Support Services five-year grant renewed with TRIO.  Perfect score attained.
  • Educational Opportunity Center celebrated 20 years on campus.
  • Student Completion management plan – developed and implemented
  • Graduation applications increasing annually.
  • Added Citrus Campus Director of Student Affairs.



  • Men’s Basketball ranked No. 1 in the Country for the first time in college history.
  • Men’s Basketball player Ricardo Ratliffe named Florida Community College Athletics Association Player of the Year and named National Junior College Athletics Association Male Athlete of the Year.
  • Men’s Basketball player Ricardo Ratliffe, Women’s Basketball player Markeshia Grant and Baseball player Andrew Jones all named National Junior College Athletics Association All-American in their sports.
  • Michael Paulk (Baseball) was named a National Junior College Athletics Association Distinguished Academic All-American.
  • Timothy Luksha (Baseball) and Robert Mendoza (baseball)  named National Junior College Athletics Association Academic All-Americans.
  • Twenty-seven of thirty-two sophomores moved on to upper level institutions.


  • Men’s Basketball won Mid-Florida Conference Basketball Championship and were Florida College System Activities Association semi-finalist at the Florida College System Athletics Association State Tournament.
  • Men’s Basketball player Kevin Foster was Mid-Florida Conference Player of the Year.
  • Men’s Basketball player Kevin Foster was National Junior College Athletic Association Third Team All-American.
  • Women’s Basketball qualified for Florida College System Activities Association State Tournament and was state semi-finalists.

Educational Opportunity Center

  • Partnered with Academic Foundation for Prep Orientation.
  • Updated computer system in TRIO lab for student usage.
  • The Club of Educational Opportunity donated $350 worth of items to the Domestic Violence Center.
  • Two staff members were United Way Co-Chairs at the Levy Center.
  • 2012 EOC grant renewal submitted.
  • Partnered with KIDS Central for foster care children.
  • Partnered with Community Technical and Adult Education for “Career Pathways grant.”
  • Member of Withlacoochee Technical Institute Pathways Council.
  • Partnered with Even Start program to provide educational services for clients.
  • Information regarding post secondary education provided.
  • With budget cuts, EOC can work with high school guidance counselors for at-risk seniors.
  • Upgraded use of social media (facebook, twitter, etc) to reach potential students.
  • Individual tutoring required for students on SAP suspension for MAT0012C, MAT0024C and MAT1033.
  • CTAE Motivational Day held.
  • Levy Motivational Day held.
  • Citrus Motivational Day held.

Enrollment Management

  • 2009-2010 – Restructured Admissions and Records, Financial Aid and Enrollment Services/Advising under dean of Enrollment Management.


  • Implementation of Jenzabar Admissions Module (set up tables, contacts, communication plan, etc.).
  • Creation of Online Baccalaureate Admissions Application channeled through Admissions module.
  • Developed new CRM Candidate General Admissions Application to funnel through Admissions module(added question about criminal background).
  • Restructured part-time position responsibilities to compliment staff strengths.
  • Began cross-training on all full-time staff responsibilities.
  • Hired a dedicated coordinator to work with the 500+ students with dual enrollment students and public school personnel.
  • Hired new director of Admissions and Records.
  • Restructured position descriptions for Admissions and Dual Enrollment Specialist and Admissions and School Relations Specialist to report to director, Admissions and Records.
  • Registrar now responsible for records functions, registration and coordination of Enrollment Services Center.
  • Began development of a collegewide recruitment plan.
  • Began work on Student Completion Management Plan: Recruiting, Intake, Student Engagement/Retention and Student Completion.
  • Began creation of new orientation plan that will address the needs of various student groups.
  • Spring 2011, reviewed and updated all policies and procedures.
  • Advising Services in Bryant Student Union switched to walk-in only to better serve increased student population.
  • Advisors assigned to assist students with online registration in Enrollment Services Center.
  • Created and implemented the online graduation application and eliminated fee to remove barrier.
  • Added part-time transcript evaluator position for bachelor degree students.
  • Managerial staff permitted access to Division of Motor Vehicles to assist students with obtaining some required documents necessary to establish residency.
  • Arranged for National Clearinghouse to handle all enrollment verifications.
  • In cooperation with Marketing and Public Relations, standardized all departmental forms.

Enrollment Services

  • Enrollment Services Center redesigned to provide better customer service and bring in all Admissions staff to a centralized location.

Financial Aid

  • December 2010-March 2011 - Redesigned Student Life area to move Financial Aid to first floor.
  • Sorted 12 years of stored documents (some sent to storage, some destroyed, documents from last three years all scanned).
  • Created new manager and coordinator positions to improve management.
  • Began cross-training staff.
  • Changed Standards of Academic Progress appeal process to only require students to submit an appeal annually rather than every semester; staff still review each semester.
  • Changed excess hours procedure to require students to meet with an advisor and sign consent form to ensure students are only taking coursework toward completion.
  • Disbursed to more than 3,500 students in the first post for fall 2010 due to reorganization and completion of verification files.
  • In 2010-2011 disbursed over $45.7 million to 7,923 students compared to $14.4 million to 4,383 students in 2007-2008.
  • Addressed areas of non-compliance.
  • Improved customer service by moving downstairs, being open until 6 p.m. and making sure there is constant coverage at the front line for all students.
  • Communication on the Web portal improved.  Links provided to inform students of their needs on each contact.
  • Transferred third party billing to the Business Office.
  • Created Scholarship Master Plan.

Student Life

Office of Student Life

  • Successfully hosted Information Stations at the beginning of fall and spring semesters that involved staff, faculty and administration. More than 6,000 Patriot Planners were distributed to students at this time.
  • Hired a Student Activities coordinator for the Ocala Campus to meet the needs of our ever-growing student population. Also added a Student Activities and Events staff person to the Citrus Campus to enhance its student life program.
  • Opened the game room during spring 2010.
  • Moved Student Handbook online.

Student Activities Board

  • Established the SAB Skills Team to provide leadership training for all groups on campus. We have even traveled to Pasco Hernando Community College to facilitate activities with PHCC student ambassadors.
  • Raised $1,000 for the United Way of Marion County.
  • Collected more than 200 cans and raised $300 for Interfaith and Operation Backpack.
  • Volunteered 36 man hours for the March of Dimes.
  • Held one state and three district offices within Florida Junior and Community College Student Government Association during 2009-2010.
  • Took home a record four awards from FJCCSGA – Most Active Campus, Most Spirited Student, Most Outstanding District Member and the Distinguished Bob Graham Student of the Year Award.
  • Students were elected to two state and three district offices for FJCCSGA for 2010-2011.
  • Former Student Activities Board President Mikel James served as Governor for the Florida Model Legislature conference.

Student Services

  • Improved the Early Alert Program for student retention and college success, and received more than 300 referrals per semester from instructors.
  • Experienced  60 percent increase in use of the Student Assistance Program in one year.
  • In one year experienced an increase of 25 percent in ADN and LPN testing in pass rates, 38 percent in Computerized Placement Test, and 16 percent increase in the Test of Adult Basic Education.
  • Expanded the administration of the Florida Basic Abilities Test to three times per week to accommodate the increase in the number of examinees.
  • Completed 10 Retooling and Refueling workshops for veterans in cooperation with Citrus Marion Levy Workforce Connection and the CF Institute.
  • Conducted workshops for faculty and staff on handling difficult and disruptive students.
  • Implemented two new assessment programs for CLM: Bridge to Health Care and Pathways out of Poverty.
  • Provided career assessments to 747 students and prospective students.
  • Provided career counseling to 619 students and prospective students.
  • Expanded daytime and after hours proctoring of classroom make-up tests and tests for online learners.
  • Tested more than 17,000 individuals at all testing centers.
  • Expanded the administration of the Law School Admissions Test and the Multidisciplinary Professional Responsibility Examination for Bar Examinees.
  • Completed the department reorganization and expansion which now includes testing/assessment, career services and job placement assistance, Access Services, student success and college retention, and student conduct administration.
  • Initiated a new partnership with the University of Florida to proctor students from the College of Health and Human Performance.
  • Planning completed to set up CF as ACT and Certiport testing sites for the region in late summer 2010.
  • Began a program for counseling students who are experiencing life issues that impact college retention and success; 133 students were served.
  • Began a special career counseling and career guidance program for Access Services students with career challenges and issues.
  • Planning is under way for administering IC3 Fast Track, IC3 Certification Exam and Microsoft Certification Exams.
  • Implemented Senate Bill 1908 in all high schools to test juniors and dual enrolled students free.
  • Negotiated an agreement with the local Workforce Connection to administer a variety of IT exams under the name of two programs: Elevate America and Digital Access.
  • Planning is under way to provide the Graduate Record Examination to assist students from our partner institutions at the University Center.
  • 196 enrolled students (unduplicated) were registered with Access Services (fall 2009 and spring 2010).
  • 32 students with disabilities graduated (fall 2009 and spring 2010).
  • Provided the following accommodations for EAS students: testing (including proctoring, scribing, and/or reading services) to all Access students needing these services: facilitated or provided  note-taking for 99 classes; arranged American Sign Language Interpreters for 19 classes, and provided five audio format textbooks for students.
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