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Deferrals of Tuition and Fees/Registration

Tuition and fees will be deferred automatically at the time of registration for financial aid eligible students who have an award listed for that semester. In some situations, students who don't have a listed award, may have their tuition deferred pending completion of verification and/or Standards of Academic Progress appeal review. Students that are not receiving financial assistance and are unable to pay for their classes, must officially withdraw from their courses or they will be responsible for payment.


Fee Payment Registration Process

Non-awarded students who have submitted their application(s) and required documentation to the Financial Aid Office prior to the best results deadline may be protected from a registration purge to allow for processing time. Students may be required to sign a written deferment form and/ or promissory note.

If a student is protected from the registration purging process, they are responsible for their fees if financial aid is denied or the award amount is insufficient to cover the financial obligation. Payment of the outstanding amount must be received by the Business Office or the student will be referred to collections.

The student’s class schedule will indicate if fees have been satisfied with financial aid. If fees are fully covered, students will not have to go to the Cashier.

If you have any questions regarding the deferment process, please contact the Financial Aid office at (352) 873-5801.

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