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Federal Direct Stafford/PLUS - Important Dates for Application Acceptance and Processing

Last Accept Date
Loan Period
October 19, 2012
August 22 – December 16, 2012
fall and spring
October 19, 2012
August 22, 2012 – May 4, 2013
March 15, 2013
January 5 – May 4, 2013
spring and summer
March 15, 2013
January 5 – August 6, 2013
June 27, 2013
May 9 – August 6, 2013

All borrowers must complete:

  1. loan entrance counseling
  2. direct loan master promissory note
  3. be enrolled in an eligible program (enrollment less than full time could result in loan amount adjustments or cancellations). Enrollment/attendance and eligibility will be verified before any loan disbursements are scheduled for release in the disbursement process. This verification process will begin after the add/drop period of each semester. Depending on the volume, the final review may take several weeks to complete.
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