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Financial Aid Application Process

For the best results, apply early.

For Fall Registration - Complete all of these steps by June 1.

For Spring Registration - Complete all of these steps by October 1.

For Summer Registration - Complete all of these steps by February 1.

What happens after I complete my financial aid applications?

Once the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been completed and accepted by the central processing center they will send the student, a Student Aid Report (SAR) and the institution(s) listed on the application by school code, an Institution Student Information Record, referred to as an ISIR.  The ISIR is electronically transmitted to CF if listed as one of the schools to receive information about the applicant.   The SAR is sent to the student via United States postal service or e-mail depending on how directed when that application was filed. 

Step 1:
When you receive a copy of your SAR you should review the information for accuracy and make corrections if necessary.

Step 2:
Check the MyCF student portal to ensure that CF has received the application for aid.  Sign onto the MyCF student portal, click the “Finances” tab, then the “Financial Aid” link listed to the left.  Once on the Financial Aid page there will be a section to the right titled – My Financial Aid.  Click on the “Missing Documents” link.  This link will display a page that will give the student very important information about the status of their Financial Aid.  Under Information Received, if CF has received the federal application there will be the comment - “FAFSA Has Been Received”.

 HINT- In order for the correct information to display the correct session/yr must be selected in the “Current Option Settings”

Financial Aid Document
Current Options screen

Step 3:
Check to see if selected for verification by checking the same link as mentioned in step 2 above.   If selected for verification there will be a request for a verification worksheet and some tax form information, as shown below.  The Financial Aid office will also send a more detailed missing information letter.  The “Missing Documents” link is not just for those selected for verification.  There are many different types of information that can appear hear; including when CF has a bad address on file or needs a final High School transcript.

Financial Aid Document
Missing documents screen

Step 4:
Monitor the “Missing documents” link even after all information has been submitted.  When the information is reviewed additional information may be requested.

Step 5:
If no information is missing, click on the “My Financial Aid Award” link located just below the “Missing Documents” link to determine if awarded.  All awards showing up prior to the specific term they were awarded are intended awards.  Financial Aid will send an award letter outlining the specifics on about the awards.  Be sure to read any special messages about the type of aid listed and ask questions when not sure about any of the information.

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