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Verification is the process of verifying the accuracy of the information you entered on your FAFSA. The federal government requires institutions to collect documentation to support your income and household information. If your file was selected for Verification, you cannot be awarded financial aid until your original application has been compared to your documents for accuracy. Corrections will be made if required and your application will be reprocessed. It is best to bring in all of your Verification documents at the same time to expedite processing prior to the best results deadline. Late applications and forms will be reviewed as workload permits after the term has begun.

Students will be notified in writing if they are selected for verification.

Applications may be selected in several ways. The Central Processing System may select the student based on edits in their system. In addition, the school may select students for various reasons including:

  • conflicting information
  • information that appears incorrect/ questionable data
  • receipt of a Student Aid Report that indicates corrections have been made that resulted in a change in eligibility

Requested forms include but are not limited to:

  • Verification worksheet indicating household members and untaxed income
  • Complete tax returns (including all schedules) for student, spouse, and parent (if applicable) of the "base" tax year prior to the award year (i.e, we request 2010 tax returns for the 2011-2012 award year).
  • W - 2’s
  • Proof of child support paid and/ or received (preferably a document from the court)
  • Social Security benefits statement (Form SSA-1099)

All forms MUST BE SIGNED by the applicant and parent (if applicable).

Note: As your financial aid application is being processed, the Financial Aid Office may request additional information. Students are encouraged to submit the necessary information promptly. To expedite your application, please submit all requested documents together as a packet. Most forms can be downloaded from CF’s website. By entering the MyCF student portal of our website, you can view your student financial aid status at any time.

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