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Class Notes Accommodation

Note TakerPolicy

  • Class Notes are a means to facilitate access to the classroom experience for students with disabilities. To receive this accommodation, the student must have a functional impairment that makes it difficult or impossible for them to take notes during class.
  • Students must return the Faculty Notification Signature Form, signed by their instructors, to Access Services within the first two weeks of the academic term.
  • The accommodation of Class Notes is not a substitute for attendance. Access Services will not guarantee Class Notes to students with disabilities who are absent from class. Students with disabilities are responsible for maintaining academic progress when they are absent whether or not the absence is for a disability-related reason.
  • The instructor has a right to know who in their class is receiving classroom-related accommodations. At present, most note-takers are volunteers who do NOT know the identity of the student with the disability. It is the student’s choice not to be identified to others as a student with a disability.
  • No instructor will be required to give a student with a disability a copy of his or her own lecture notes. If an instructor provides notes to all students without disabilities, these same notes will be available to students with disabilities.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor and Access Services Coordinator if there are any problems with the Class Notes accommodation.
  • The instructor has the right to review and evaluate the Class Notes for adequacy.


  1. Students who are approved for the class notes accommodation must complete a (Renew Accommodations Request Form link: form_request.doc) each term they want to have this accommodation. 
  2. Before the term begins, Access Services will provide the faculty member with directions on how to recruit a volunteer note-taker. The instructor should recruit this volunteer within the first week of classes.
  3. The volunteer will be given carbonless paper and will give the white copy of the notes to the instructor after class. Thus, the student who needs the notes can pick them up promptly from the instructor.
  4. The instructor, student or the volunteer note-taker can request additional carbonless paper from Access Services (5-205B, Ocala Campus or L3-208, Citrus Campus)
  5. If there are any concerns on the part of the student, the instructor or the note-taker, contact the Coordinator for Access Services at extension 1209.
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