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Access Services
Testing Accommodation Procedure for the Ocala Campus

  • At the beginning of the term, provide Access Services with the test dates and times for each class. Access Services may not be able to proctor a test without at least a three business day notice.

  • Take an Access Services Testing Form to your instructor at least one full class period prior to the test date. If you have a once a week class, you MUST get the testing form to your instructor a full week before the test. Think it through, and plan in advance!
  • The instructor will send the form and the test to Access Services.
  • All tests must be taken on the same day and at the same time as the class, unless otherwise approved in advance by both instructor and Access Services. Access Services will not accept a change without a written note, voicemail or e-mail from the instructor approving a change in the time or date.
  • If a test is canceled or re-scheduled, notify Access Services immediately at 352-854-2322 ext. 1301 or access@cf.edu.
  • If you do not arrive within 20 minutes of the test start time, the test will be returned to the instructor. You will not have the opportunity to start late and you should not expect your instructor to allow you to do a make-up test.
  • If you miss the test for any reason, it will be your instructor’s decision as to whether or not you may make it up. Refer to your class syllabus for your class’ specific policies.
  • If you arrive late, miss a scheduled test appointment or fail to make advance arrangements 3 times in a given semester, your Access Services testing accommodations may be stopped for the remainder of the semester.
  • Water, in a closed top container, will be allowed. No food or other drinks, purses, bags, cell phones, pagers or PDAs will be allowed in the Testing Room. No books, notebooks or calculators will be allowed unless authorized in writing by the instructor on the Testing Form. There is a shelf for bags and purses outside the testing room. Use that at your own risk.


IMPORTANT: Access Services will not tolerate cheating or academic dishonesty in any form. If anyone is suspected of cheating on a test, that test will immediately be taken away from the student and returned to the student’s instructor or the test administrator. That and any other type of suspected academic dishonesty will be reported to the instructor. That instructor will determine his/her course of action and the consequences. The CF Student Handbook contains the Code of Student Conduct and information about the Academic Integrity Policy. These rules and regulations apply to all students, regardless of disability status.

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