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E-Learning Plan 2009-2010
CF E-Learning Mission Statement
E-Learning strives to provide flexible, accessible, quality courses to students who desire an alternative delivery method for learning.
  1. Utilize ANGEL to track Learning Outcomes.
    • Review results of spring 2009 pilot.
    • In summer 2009, develop an implementation plan for incorporating ANGEL’s learning outcomes tracking function in selected courses in fall 2009.
    • E-Learning staff will collaborate with the TLI in the selection of courses for implementation of learning outcomes tracking.
Cost: No additional cost
Assessment: Five courses will utilize ANGEL to track learning outcomes in fall 2009.
  1. Provide online orientation for e-learning classes (i.e. basic technical aspects of getting started in an online class and utilizing the most common functions).
Action Plan
    • Look for models already in use at other Florida community colleges using ANGEL.
    • Identify a small task force to review the models, select the best one and suggest modifications.
    • Obtain permission to modify and use at CF.
    • Customize selected model for CF implementation.
    • Identify courses which will provide online orientation.
    • Offer training and assistance, through OPD, in the development of online orientations, customized per course.
Cost: No additional cost
Assessment: A minimum of 5 online courses will provide an online orientation customized for each course.
  1. Implement “Quality Matters” peer review process for online courses.
Action Plan
    • Utilize QM criteria in development workshops.
    • Introduce to faculty at Fall Colloquium or on October Planning Day.
    • Provide workshops in application of the criteria for existing courses.
    • Identify candidates for training as QM Peer Reviewers.
    • Schedule training for reviewers.
    • Solicit volunteers for pilot submission of courses for review.
Cost: Annual subscription cost: $2,250. First year will be covered from one of the LR endowment grants designated for new initiatives.
Assessment: One course will be formally reviewed by QM Peer Reviewers by spring term 2010.
  1. Utilize tracking software to improve E-Learning Help Desk services as follows: 1.) track email messages, phone calls and responses, 2.) add a knowledge base of frequently asked questions.
Action Plan
o   Select software (Summer A).
o   Pilot software (Summer B) to determine how to use it effectively.
o   Compile initial reports.
o   Make adjustments .
o   Implement fully.
Cost: First year: $1,750. Annual maintenance after first year: $350.
Assessment: Duplication of responses will be eliminated and repeat requests will be reduced, leading to a faster average resolution time.



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