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ANGEL Gateway Page:

Please view the following video for help importing the Gateway template into your ANGEL shell.


Turning on User Tracking:

In the past, ANGEL tracked all of the needed information on user activity automatically. Now, you must enable student tracking on any item that you want a record of student activity. This is essential for assessments, as it is the way we track activity and resolve any disputes that may arise. You should turn on tracking for every assessment and any drop box that you need to track user activity for. To do so follow the directions below or watch the video.

  1. Login to the course and go to the lessons tab.
  2. Mouse over the item that you want to track.
  3. Click the settings link.
  4. Go to the access tab.
  5. Change user tracking from disabled to everyone.

Using ANGEL for assignment submission

ANGEL is available for you to use whether you teach an E-learning course or not. Each semester all college courses are given a space in ANGEL and the students enrolled in the courses.
The following tutorial series will give you basic directions on accessing ANGEL, uploading basic content and basic grading functions.

Importing Course Content

To import content from a sandbox or other ANGEL course shell, follow the steps below or watch the demo video.

  1. Log into your blank course.
  2. Go to the Manage tab.
  3. Go to the import wizard.
  4. Select the copy course function.
  5. Use the drop-down menu to select the course that you want to copy.
  6. Uncheck the backup course and replace existing content options.
  7. Click import.
  8. Wait until it is finished and click ok.

Releasing Your Course to Students

  1. Log into ANGEL.
  2. Mouse over the courses nugget and click the pencil icon to find your course.
  3. Log into your course.
  4. Go to the manage tab.
  5. Go to the general course settings.
  6. Go to the access tab.
  7. Change the member view settings to "all members".

TEAS Pretest Grading Instructions


Student at computer

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