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Welcome to the CF Foundation

Welcome to the CF Foundation

The CF Foundation serves to equip the College of Central Florida with resources needed to reach, better yet exceed, the college's great expectations. For more than 50 years, foundation donors have seen their investment reap significant dividends, enhancing lives for generations.

With the help of donors who believe in the economic, social and cultural impact of quality education, the CF Foundation is building promising futures for students in Citrus, Levy and Marion counties.

Gerri-Ale GreeneLaura HowtonNesiko Villard

“Receiving this scholarship has inspired me to help others and one day give back to the community…I hope to help many other students and individuals to achieve their goals.”

- Gerri-Ale G., Nursing Student

“Unfortunately aspirations and dreams alone do not pay college tuition, and I am extremely thankful for the financial assistance you have provided.”  

- Laura H., Nursing Student 

“The scholarship you provided for me is greatly appreciated…I’m taking it as an extra push forward to the right path of where I want to be in life.”

- Nesiko V.