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Architecture Associate in Arts – Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Which schools in the state of Florida would I be able to apply for transfer with my Architecture Degree from CF?
A: University of Central Florida, University of Florida, Florida State University, University of South Florida, Florida International University

Q:  Do I need to be admitted to the program at CF?
A: No. You only need to be admitted to the college. Our programs are open admission, but you should speak to one of the advisors to ensure that you are enrolling in the correct courses.  Many courses have prerequisites and required sequences.

Q:  Does the architecture field require strong mathematical skills?
A: Many people think that architecture requires more math than it actually does. An architectural education is demanding and rigorous. You must be intelligent, creative and able to work very hard, and you must be reasonably strong at math. Almost all architectural degrees require you to complete a calculus and college physics class.  You must be able to think spatially and use logic to solve problems.

Q: I took a computer-aided design and drafting and architecture courses in high school. Can I get credit for them?
A:  A Business and Technology advisor can assist you.  Advising for this program is available in the Ewers Center third floor, at the Ocala campus.  The CADD classes will be reviewed and processed for approval.

Q: I’ve worked in the field. Can I get credit for my life experience?
A: The college has a process for allowing credit for experiential learning.  More information is available from the Business and Technology advisor.

Q: I always wanted to be an architect. Can I pursue this field as a career change?
A: You can, but it requires a considerable commitment from you. If you already have an undergraduate degree, you can enter directly into special Masters of Architecture programs designed for students like you. Many universities offer these programs, but admission is competitive and the programs require you to be a full-time, day student. These programs are typically three to three and one-half years. Students can use our design classes to help prepare their portfolios, which are an important part of the admissions criteria.

Q: How long will it take me to complete a degree at CF?
A: Our degrees range from 65 to 68 credit hours, which many students are able to complete in two years, especially if they attend during the summer. How long it will take you will depend on the strength of your high school preparation and how many credit hours you are able to take each semester. Many students need to take several levels of math before they are able to complete the degree. Also, if you are working while going to school, you may need to take fewer credits each semester.

Q: How much homework can I expect?
A: College classes differ from high school classes in the amount of independent work that is expected of the student. For every credit hour you should expect two to three hours of homework per week. If you are taking a standard, full-time load of 15 credits, that would mean 30 to 45 hours of homework a week in addition to your class time.

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