English as a Second Language, ESL

English as a Second Language credit courses for academic purposes at College of Central Florida are listed in the catalog under the college prep heading beginning with the code EAP. These credit courses are designed to prepare a non-native English speaker for success in a chosen degree program. If a student needs to improve English skills before beginning academic classes, this program is ideal. The ESL program improves English skills, including grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

An interactive language laboratory, online tutorials and free tutoring assistance are just a few of the tools that are available to students in the ESL program. In addition, an ESL advisor will help students meet goals for transition into an academic program.

Placement Testing

CF does not require a Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL, for international student admission. All new CF students must take the required Florida placement test to assess their English and mathematics proficiency. Students whose test results show adequate skills will be eligible for college-level, degree course work. Others will be required to take ESL classes until language requirements have been met.

If you have a TOEFL, International English Language Testing System, IELTS, or Society for Testing English Proficiency, STEP, score, no older than 12 months, the following chart shows your placement for degree credit courses only. These test scores will only be accepted before students begin course work. Any new students submitting test scores at or above approved degree credit course level, as indicated in the graph, must still take the Florida placement test before registration to ensure appropriate placement in mathematics.







Degree credit courses

61 and above

173 and above

500 and above

5.5 and above

Grade 2A and above


After placement testing each student will meet with the director of ESL for assessment and the academic advisor for registration in the appropriate courses.