Payment of Financial Aid

First priority for disbursing financial aid will be grants, scholarships and loan proceeds to cover direct college costs (CF tuition, fees and books).

Financial aid award amounts may be adjusted based on the student's enrollment status. Students enrolling in A, B, and/or C semesters must register for all classes up front for the entire semester in order to have all hours included in their enrollment status for financial aid purposes. Students registering for A, B and/or C semesters who enroll in additional courses after the census date (last date of add/drop for the C semester) cannot have their enrollment status changed to include those hours. All students should refer to the college calendar for these important dates. A financial aid recipient must be meeting all eligibility requirements at the time of disbursement.

Fees, books, VA deferments and/or promissory notes outstanding at the time payment is made will be deducted from the financial aid payment. If a balance is available, a refund will be issued by Higher One via the CF OneCard. Visit for additional information.

If receiving a financial aid award after the the semester is completed, aid will be paid only for courses that have been completed successfully.