Learning Support Centers

Available at both the Ocala and Citrus campuses, the Learning Support Centers aid students in academic and occupational programs by offering student success-oriented services. The centers provide CF students, at no cost, with open computer labs, instructional classrooms, group and one-on-one tutoring in most subject areas, and technical assistance with computer applications. There are approximately 90 computers in the Ocala center and approximately eight in the Citrus center that provide a wide variety of online programs and applications, including online interactive tutorials in many subjects. University partner students may use the computers in the centers at no cost.

The Ocala Learning Support Center is located in the Clifford B. Stearns Learning Resources Center, and the Citrus Learning Support Center is located upstairs in the Dorothea G. Jerome Building.

The Learning Support Center at the Ocala campus also includes the Writing Center and e-learning support.