Access Services for Students with Disabilities

Access Services works with students and faculty to facilitate the process of reasonable accommodation for students with documented disabilities. Students who identify themselves to Access Services and provide documentation from a licensed or certified professional may request accommodations related to their disability. This includes potential students, new, transfer or currently enrolled students. To ensure an effective accommodations process, students must make their requests in a timely fashion.

Accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis and may relate to physical access, auxiliary learning aids or programmatic and classroom academic adjustments. Auxiliary learning aids may include American Sign Language interpreters, scribes, audio textbooks from Learning Ally, CCTV, and various adaptive hardware and software including large screen monitors and computers with enlarging software, screen reading software and dictation software. Academic adjustments may consist of testing modifications and/or course substitution.

The Office of Access Services, located in the Bryant Student Union, Room 204F, coordinates these services for students at all CF campuses and centers. Access Services also makes referrals to community agencies and/or private services for testing and evaluation. For more information, visit the Office of Access Services website at or call 854-2322, ext. 1209, or email