Emergency Medical Services

2234: A.S. Degree in Emergency Medical Services (73 Credit Hours)

CIP: 51.0904
FL CIP: 1351090402
SOC: 29-2041
Entry Wage: $17.85/hour

Emergency Medical Services is an Associate in Science program that encompasses two occupational opportunities, Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic. This can be done in units, EMT/Paramedic with general education units as the completion.

The EMT certificate program requires one semester and this prepares the student for certification and employment in accordance with the Department of Transportation curriculum and the State of Florida EMS/Department of Health rules and regulations.

The Paramedic certificate program is three consecutive semesters. In order to apply to the Paramedic program a candidate must be a Florida licensed EMT.

All general education classes may be taken before or concurrently with EMT and Paramedic classes or after the Paramedic unit of this A.S. program is completed. Paramedic courses must be taken in sequence.

Transfer students seeking an A.S. degree in Emergency Medical Services will only be awarded credit hours for paramedic training if the paramedic training was completed at a CoAEMSP accredited program.

Transfer students: Twenty-five percent of total credits must be taken at CF in order to be awarded a degree from CF.

General Education Courses

Course No.

Course Title


ENC 1101

Freshman Composition Skills I


MAC 1105

College Algebra or equivalent



Any Biological or Physical Science*


One of the following options: (To satisfy Social Science and Humanities requirements)

ISS 1013

Introduction to the Social Sciences and


HUM 1020

Introduction to the Humanities





WOH 2012

World Civilizations I and either


HUM 1020

Introduction to the Humanities or


HUM 1230

Introduction to the Humanities: Since the Renaissance





WOH 2022

World Civilizations II and either


HUM 1020

Introduction to the Humanities or


HUM 1210

Introduction to the Humanities: To the Renaissance





PSY 2012

General Psychology



Total Credit Hours


*BSC 1080 is recommended for the general education science. EMS 2010 taken as part of the Paramedic program does not qualify for the A.S. degree.

Note: Remaining hours for A.S. degree are comprised of Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) and Paramedic Certificates.