Fire Science Technology

2272: A.S. Degree in Fire Science Technology (60 Credit Hours)

2372: A.S. Degree in Fire Science Technology — FESHE Compliant Track (60 Credit Hours)

CIP: 43.0203
FL CIP: 1743020100
SOC: 33-2021
Entry Wage: $22/hour

The Fire Science Technology program is offered for individuals who are already in the fire service field and are seeking to advance. This program will provide the training and courses required for certification as Fire Officer I and II, and will prepare the graduate for a variety of technical and supervisory positions within the fire service field. This program is approved by the State of Florida, Division of the State Fire Marshal — Bureau of Fire Standards and Training Florida State Fire College, 11655 NW Gainesville Road, Ocala, FL 34482-1436, telephone 352-369-2800.

This program is conducted in coordination with the Florida State Fire College, and the program core courses are conducted at the FSFC campus. Prospective students are advised to consult with the Fire Science Technology Program advisor prior to enrolling as this program has special requirements and enrollment procedures. For more information call 854-2322, ext. 1569.

Fire Science Course Transfer Request Form

Core Courses

Course No.

Course Title


FFP 1505

Fire Prevention Practices


FFP 1540

Private Fire Protection Systems


FFP 2810

Firefighting Tactics and Strategy I


FFP 2720

Company Officer


FFP 2780

Fire Department Administration


FFP 2120

Building Construction for the Fire Service


FFP 2740

Fire Service Course Delivery


FFP 2811

Firefighting Tactics and Strategy II


FFP 2770

Ethical and Legal Issues for the Fire Service


FFP 2610

Fire Investigations — Origins and Causes


FFP 2111

Fire Chemistry



Program Electives


General Education Courses

ENC 1101

Freshman Composition Skills I


QMB 1001**

College Business Mathematics or



(Any Higher-Level College Mathematics)1



Any Biological or Physical Science


One of the following options: (To satisfy Social Science and Humanities requirements)

ISS 1013

Introduction to the Social Sciences and


HUM 1020

Introduction to the Humanities





WOH 2012

World Civilizations I and either


HUM 1020

Introduction to the Humanities or


HUM 1230

Introduction to the Humanities: Since the Renaissance





WOH 2022

World Civilizations II and either


HUM 1020

Introduction to the Humanities or


HUM 1210

Introduction to the Humanities: To the Renaissance


CGS 1100

Microcomputer Applications



Total Credit Hours


** MAC 1105 College Algebra is recommended for students planning to enroll in the college's baccalaureate degree programs.

1Students taking advantage of the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Compliant Track must take MAC 1105 College Algebra.


The Department of Education Statewide Course Numbering System uses the FFP prefix to indicate these courses within the Fire Science Curriculum. The first number indicates the level, either freshmen (1) or sophomore (2), and the last three numbers indicate the course topic. Due to the variety of courses offered throughout the state, it should be noted that courses with the same last three numbers are the same course, contain the same course content and contact hours regardless of the first leveling number.

Please consult science.htm for updated information regarding this program.