Physical Therapist Assistant

2232: A.S. Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant (74 Credit Hours)

CIP: 51.0806
FL CIP: 1351080601
SOC: 31-2021

This is a limited access program. Please consult for information on limited access programs.

The Physical Therapist Assistant works under the supervision of the physical therapist. PTAs are directly involved in patient treatment, performing such duties as applying physical agents, and designing and carrying out exercise programs. They provide direct patient care of individuals who experience temporary or permanent disability due to pain, injury, disease or birth defects.

The Physical Therapist Assistant is a limited access program. A limited access program is one in which both program admission and course registration are restricted to a certain number of students meeting predetermined criteria. Limited access status is justified when student demand exceeds available resources or accreditation requirements (i.e., student/faculty ratios, instructional facilities and equipment, clinical sites) or the nature of the program calls for specific admission requirements. Limited access programs have admissions processes and criteria beyond general college admissions. While any student meeting the minimum criteria is encouraged to apply, not all applicants may be accepted.

Criteria for Application

  • Be admitted to CF in good standing.
  • Grade of C or higher and 2.75 GPA or higher in required general education courses.
  • Completion of the PSB Health Occupations Reading Comprehension Aptitude Examination with 40th percentile rank or above on the reading comprehension portion.
  • Completion of 16 hours of observation in two different physical therapy settings: 8 hours in a long-term care/subacute care setting and 8 hours in an outpatient physical therapy setting.
  • A reflective journal on the observation experience.

Once a student is accepted into the program these additional criteria apply.

  • Criminal background check.
  • Physical examination, student health history form, student immunization record and proof of drug screen.
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support Certification for the Healthcare Provider.
  • Blood Borne Pathogens – AIDS Education.
  • Attendance at a PTA program new student orientation.


The Physical Therapist Assistant program at the College of Central Florida is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, CAPTE, 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, Telephone 703-706-3245, email address, website The PTA program graduate must take and pass a state-administered national examination in order to become licensed and eligible to practice.

Please note that completion of the PTA program does not guarantee entry into a physical therapy program. The PTA course work (technical phase) does not transfer to most physical therapy schools.

Application directions are explained at the required information sessions. Call 352-873-5817 for dates and times of information sessions or view at

The program policies including attendance, grading, clinical behaviors and readmission guidelines are found in the student handbook that each student obtains once admitted to the PTA program.

More information can be found at

General Education Courses

Course No.

Course Title


ENC 1101

Freshman Composition Skills I


PSY 2012

General Psychology


PHT 2342

Medical Terminology for the Physical Therapist Assistant


HLP 1081

Personal Wellness Appraisal and Improvement


DEP 2004

Human Growth and Development


BSC 2085

Human Anatomy and Physiology I


BSC 2085L

Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab


BSC 2086

Human Anatomy and Physiology II


BSC 2086L

Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab





One of the following:

STA 2023

Elementary Statistics


STA 2023H

Honors Elementary Statistics





One of the following:

ARH 1000

Art Appreciation


HUM 1020

Introduction to the Humanities


LIT 1000

Introduction to Literature


MUL 1010

Music Appreciation


PHI 2010

Introduction to Philosophy


THE 1000

Introduction to the Theatre


Program Core Courses

PHT 1000

Introduction to Physical Therapy


PHT 1014

Documentation for the Physical Therapist Assistant


PHT 1130C

Data Collection Skills for the PTA


PHT 1175C

Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology


PHT 1210C

Therapeutic Modalities I


PHT 1225C

Therapeutic Procedures


PHT 1300

Survey of Pathological Deficits


PHT 1212C

Therapeutic Modalities II


PHT 1801L

PTA Clinical Lab I


PHT 1802L

PTA Clinical Lab II


PHT 2227C

Disabilities and Therapeutic Procedures II


PHT 2162C

Rehabilitation Procedures


PHT 2931

Trends in Physical Therapy


PHT 2810

Clinical Practice II


PHT 2820

Clinical Practice III



Total Credit Hours



  • It is necessary that students have reliable transportation to the assigned hospitals and clinical facilities.