HUS 2542

Working with Families in the Perinatal Period (3)

Classification: Parallel

Pregnancy is an exciting and important time in the life of a woman, her unborn child, and family members. This course reviews central issues that affect the family, particularly mother and child, before conception through the end of the first month after birth. Students will learn information to enhance their ability to support a woman as she gets ready for pregnancy, undergoes many changes in her body and the way she feels while pregnant, while in labor, and following delivery. The student will learn what a woman should not do when pregnant, how to enable the pregnant woman to take care of herself to have a healthy baby, warning signs of problems, and care and feeding of the new baby. Students will practice skills for assessing a mother's emotional adjustment to the birth of her infant, the interactions and bonding behaviors with her child, and the infant's physical adaptations and social responsiveness.