NUR 1011

Socialization into Nursing I (1)

Prerequisite: BSC 2085 and BSC 2085L and ENC 1101 and HUN 1201 and PSY 2012 and either MAC 1105 or STA 2023

Corequisite: NUR 1024C

Classification: Occupational

This course introduces the student to the core components and competencies of the Associate Degree Nurse. It is the first of three courses in which these components are explored and expanded as the student's nursing experience grows. In this course the student is introduced to collaboration and career management and will concentrate on the components of managing care and professional behavior, including ethical and legal aspects. The student will investigate the scope of practice of the associate degree nurse, and will begin the process of socialization into the role of associate degree nurse. This course introduces health care delivery systems, managed care, and the five aspects of management in nursing: decision-making/prioritization, time management, delegation, communication and evaluation. Application of the course content will be evaluated in the clinical component and testing of Nursing I.