NUR 1730C

Nursing II (9)

Prerequisite: HUN 1201 and NUR 1011 and NUR 1024C and NUR 1142

Corequisite: DEP 2004 and NUR 1012

Classification: Occupational

Nursing II builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in Nursing I. In the course, the student learns about holistic health care across the life span and application of the nursing process to diverse clients needing primary, secondary and tertiary preventions. Faculty designs learning experiences to assist students to identify stressors and commonly occurring responses to stressors affecting clients' abilities to meet needs for pain management, cellular function, healing after surgery, oxygen, perception, mobility, physiological and psychological safety, self-esteem, love and belonging. Through laboratory and clinical experiences, students continue to develop assessment and intervention skills with emphasis on primary prevention for the well child and secondary prevention for the adult client. Students learn additional nursing skills, and provide care in ambulatory pediatric, community, psychiatric, and acute care facilities. Clinical application of learning accomplished in Socialization into Nursing II, will be evaluated as part of the clinical component of Nursing II (4 hours of class and 15 hours of clinical/lab per week).