NUR 2732C

Nursing III (9)

Prerequisite: NUR 1730C or NUR 1004C

Corequisite: NUR 1830 and either ARH 1000 or HUM 1020 or MUL 1010 or LIT 1000 or PHI 2010 or THE 1000

Classification: Occupational

Nursing III builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in Nursing II. In this course students focus on application of the nursing process to providing all levels of prevention to the childbearing family and to diverse clients and their support systems for whom commonly occurring responses to stressors are having an impact on the ability to meet the needs for nutrition, elimination, sexuality, physiological and psychological safety, self-esteem, and love and belonging. Through laboratory and clinical experiences students learn new nursing skills including those related to the childbearing family. Students provide nursing care in community, psychiatric and acute care facilities. Clinical application of learning accomplished in Socialization into Nursing, III will be evaluated as part of the clinical component of Nursing III. (4 hours of class, 3 hours lab and 12 hours of clinical per week)