Campus Environment

The campus environment will be conducive to learning. Thus, the President is authorized to establish rules which foster the learning environment and safety on campus.

Specific prohibitions on campus include:

  1. Firearms or other dangerous weapons, except for law enforcement officials legally authorized to carry such weapons or authorized classroom demonstrations of an unloaded weapon.
  2. Any illegal drugs.
  3. Animals may not be brought on any college grounds or facilities. Exceptions to this policy would include service animals for persons with disabilities and animals to be used for previously approved instructional or special programs.
  4. Agents, salespersons and solicitors, unless specifically authorized by the President or the President’s designee or for those companies approved by the District Board of Trustees to offer an employee benefit through payroll deductions.
  5. Food and beverages in classrooms and other college spaces, unless an area is specifically designated for food and beverages.
  6. Gambling, except the sale of raffle tickets by college-sponsored organizations provided such sale is a donation and/or has been cleared with the local Office of the State Attorney.
  7. Smoking in any college owned facility or vehicle.
  8. Unattended minor children.
  9. Alcohol, unless authorized by the President, for approved CF Foundation or college functions.

(Florida Statutes 112.0455, 1000.06, 1001.02, 1001.64, 286.206; CF Board Policy 3.20)