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Truth and Reconciliation Endowed Scholarship

Everyone deserves the opportunity to receive a college education. The Truth and Reconciliation Endowed Scholarship has been established to help African American students from Marion County Public Schools achieve their dreams of earning a college degree. This scholarship is one of over 400 scholarships offered through the CF Foundation to help students of every walk of life.

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Together we heal and change our community.

The Truth and Reconciliation Endowed Scholarship was named after a legacy of global efforts made to heal the deep disparities created by social injustice. As a community, we continue to feel the long-term effects of our own history of social injustice for African Americans. Through the Truth and Reconciliation Scholarship, we hope to follow the courageous lead of those around the world who are working to bring about healing and change in their communities.

This scholarship aims to provide eligible students with financial assistance toward the first two years of their degree.

What is an Endowed Scholarship?

Rather than passing donations directly to awarded students, endowed scholarships aim for long-term sustainability. They rely on a larger baseline contribution that is invested for the purpose of generating profits to distribute via scholarship. This method ensures that donors’ gifts will continue to fund scholarships long into the future.

The Truth and Reconciliation Scholarship’s baseline investment has been funded by a generous donor, and the first two scholarships will be awarded in spring 2023. Our goal is, through community contributions, to grow the endowment to be able to increase the number of scholarships awarded over time.

Similar to the United Way, Red Cross and March of Dimes, we hope to have a large number of small contributors join us in funding this mission.

Plan of Action

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Phase 1

The endowment scholarship has been funded with the initial donation and we will begin awarding two scholarships each year beginning in Spring 2023. At the end of each academic school year, each Marion County public high school will nominate a deserving student. CF will then select two students from the pool of nominees to receive the award. Each scholarship will provide $500 per semester for a total of $2,000 over two years.

Phase 2

Once the initial baseline endowment is funded, scholarships will continue to be added as the endowment grows until each of Marion County’s seven high schools have a scholarship to award each year, resulting in 14 students on scholarship each year.

Phase 3

After funding a scholarship for each high school, this phase will increase the amount awarded to each scholarship recipient. As the endowment grows, the amount awarded to each student will continue to grow until each recipient receives $1,250 per semester for a total of $5,000 over two years.

Phase 4

When each high school has a fully funded scholarship, additional scholarships will continue to be added as the endowment funds grow.

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