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Pursuant to Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, and under the authority of Chapter 240, Florida Statutes, and the Florida Board of Education Rules, Chapters 6A-14 and 6H-1 (Florida Administrative Code), the District Board of Trustees of College of Central Florida adopted the policies contained in this manual.

These policies have the full force and effect of law. However, nothing contained herein can supersede the above-noted statutes or rules. The policies of the District Board of Trustees are not intended to repeat or paraphrase specific Florida Statutes or the Florida Board of Education Rules. Where appropriate, reference is made to the related statute or rule to provide guidance.

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College of Central Florida Policies



Mission of the College 1.00
Equal Access / Equal Opportunity 1.01
Mission of the Appleton Museum of Art 1.02
Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct 1.03


Duties and Powers of the District Board 2.00
District Board of Trustees Operations 2.01
General Powers of the College President 2.02
Direct Support Organizations 2.03
Financial Responsibility / Transparency 2.04
Operation of the Appleton Museum of Art 2.05
Policy Development and Review 2.06


Complimentary Passes 3.00
Advertising / Solicitation on Campus 3.01
Aids and Blood Borne Pathogens 3.02
College Recognition / Awards / Naming of Facilities 3.03
Calendar 3.04
Committees 3.05
College Publications 3.06
Gifts to the College, its Employees or Trustees 3.07
Graduation 3.08
3.09 Repealed 3.09
Copyright 3.10
Preservation and Disposal of Records 3.11
Printing and Duplicating 3.12
Signatures 3.13
Memberships / Political Activities 3.14
Institutional Review Board 3.15
3.16 Repealed 3.16
Public Records 3.17
Observance of Religious Holidays 3.18
Drug-Free Campus and Workplace 3.19
Campus Environment 3.20
Technology Use 3.21
Prohibition of Disruptive Activity 3.22
Meetings of Employees 3.23
Information Security 3.24
Appropriate Use Policy / Information Technology Resources 3.25
Dissemination of Literature, Public Exhibits, Displays and Presentations 3.26
Intellectual Property 3.27
Tobacco Free College 3.28
Service Animals on Campus 3.29


Instructional Courses / Programs 4.00
Textbook Adoption and Affordability 4.01
Instructional Materials 4.02
Materials Selection for the Learning Resources Center (Library) 4.03
Role and Responsibilities of Teaching Faculty 4.04
Role and Responsibilities of Counselors 4.05
Role and Responsibilities of Librarian 4.06
Absence of an Instructor from Class 4.08
Academic Freedom 4.09
Educational Trips 4.10
Faculty Performance Review 4.11
Accelerated Learning Mechanisms 4.12
Approval of Out of District Courses and Courses with Domestic and International Travel Components 4.13
Academic Integrity / Honor Code 4.14


Financial Records and Reports 5.00
Auxiliary Services and Enterprises and Undesignated Gifts 5.01
Bank Depositories, Receipt and Deposit of Funds, Interest Distributions, and Collection of Money 5.02
Investments 5.03
Bonds for Employees and Trustees 5.04
Bonds and Insurance for Construction, Professional Services, Equipment and Service Contracts 5.05
Budget Amendments 5.06
Consultants, Payment of 5.07
Fees and Tuition 5.08
College Insurance 5.09
Payroll Deduction Authorization 5.10
Petty Cash and Change Funds 5.11
Procurement 5.12
Salary Schedules 5.13
Traffic and Parking Control and Fines 5.14
Grants: Acceptance of and Limitations 5.15
Construction Contracts and Design / Build Contracts 5.16
Payment to Construction Contractors 5.17
Financing Short Term and Long Term Debt 5.18

Human Resources

Employment of Personnel 6.00
Job Descriptions and Classifications 6.01
Employment Requirements 6.02
Outside Employment and Consulting Services 6.03
Employee Benefits 6.04
Criminal Background Screenings 6.05
Observation Period for Career Service and Professional Employees 6.06
Salary and Position Changes 6.07
Professorial Rank 6.08
Employee Records 6.09
Administrative, Professional, and Career Service Employee Performance Review 6.10
Suspension, Termination, and Resignation 6.11
Florida Retirement System Information 6.12
Administrative and Instructional Contracts 6.13
Leaves of Absence 6.14
Terminal Pay 6.15
Travel by Authorized Personnel 6.16
Work Week 6.17
Preference in Employment of Veterans 6.18
Sick Leave Pool 6.19
Nepotism 6.20
Grant-Funded Positions 6.21
Annual Salary Increases 6.22
Definition of a Work Year 6.23
Supplemental Services Assignments 6.24
Employee Disciplinary Measures 6.25
Employee Ethics 6.26
Volunteer Services 6.27
Faculty Senate 6.28
Career and Professional Employees Council 6.29
Relationships between Employees / Students and Supervisors / Employees 6.30
Staff and Program Development 6.31
Changes in Employee Positions 6.32


Admission and Readmission 7.00
Substitute Admission and Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities 7.01
Students with Disabilities 7.02
Academic Standards of Progress 7.03
Student Rights and Responsibilities 7.04
Disciplinary Action and Rights of Appeal 7.05
Student Activities 7.06
Athletics Program 7.07
Student Records 7.08
Student Financial Aid 7.09
Student Complaints 7.10
Grade Appeal Process 7.11
College Preparatory Testing, Placement and Instructions 7.12
College Preparatory and College Credit_Repeat Fee Exception 7.13

College Property

Tangible Personal Property, Property Records and Disposition 8.00
College Facilities and Equipment 8.01
College Vehicles 8.02
College Owned Cell Phones 8.03
Rental of College Facilities 8.04
Maintenance of College Facilities 8.05
Equipment and Furniture 8.06
Trespass 8.08