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Adult Education

The CF Levy Campus offers Adult Education classes that will prepare students to not only earn their high school diploma, but to also prepare them for their future. We offer Reading, Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Applied Academic courses designed to ensure that students are prepared to enter the workforce or post-secondary education programs after earning their diploma.

Earn a High School Diploma with CF!

The Adult General Education program at the CF Levy Campus provides opportunities, resources and education to create pathways for success in post-secondary programs, careers and life. Our goal is to prepare individuals for the GED exam and to receive their high school equivalency diploma, in addition to preparing for their future.

The Levy Campus provides instruction for adult education students in a caring and academically nurturing environment.

Fall hours: Monday-Thursday (day classes), 9 a.m.-1 p.m. | Tuesday and Thursdays (evening classes), 5-8 p.m.

Flexible schedules are available days, evenings, and online. Face-to-face instruction is blended with specialized software to prepare students for the exam. Call 352-658-4077 ext. 2119 for enrollment information.

Transportation is provided for students on a limited basis from Trenton or Fanning Springs. Fall classes start August 19th. Call today to enroll or ask questions about GED testing.

The Levy Campus is an official GED Testing site.

GED® Test

The GED examination is comprised of four sub-tests: language arts (includes reading and writing), social studies, science, and mathematics. All sub-tests are multiple-choice, short answer, extended response, and drag and drop answer formats. In order to take the GED exam, individuals must have a valid email address, create a GED Account at, and schedule the exam.

The GED Examination costs $128 for the full battery or $32 for each sub-test. If you do not cancel appointments at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, your exam fee will be forfeited. Examination fees are nonrefundable. Call 352-658-4077 for assistance with registration or further information.

GED® Ready Test

Applicants are strongly encouraged to take the GED Ready Test prior to taking the Official GED Examination. Results of the GED Ready Test give an excellent indication of potential success on the GED Examination and can identify any areas where scores could be improved. The GED Ready Test is $6 per module and can be scheduled and taken through your GED account. Levy Campus Adult Education students may take the entire GED Ready Test modules free of charge (per approval of Adult Education Personnel).
Official GED® Test Passing Scores

Candidates who pass the GED Examination receive a State of Florida High School Diploma from the Florida Department of Education. The passing scores are 145 on each of the four sub-tests. There is no total point requirement, as there was with the 2002 series. You must score 145 on each sub-test. Your test administrator will give you a printout that tells you how to retrieve your scores online.
Click here to register for the GED© exam.

Bring limited items with you on your appointment day. Our test lab is a Pearson Vue test lab, and you may not bring any personal items in the lab. Personal items will be kept in a locker, and you will not be able to access items on your breaks (unless food or medication).

Click here to order your GED® Transcripts.

How long does it take to complete GED classes and graduate?

This depends entirely on the student. Each student enrolls in our program does so with their individual knowledge skillset and will work at their own pace. We strive to ensure all students are prepared to take the exam – no matter the length of times it takes to accomplish that. The more work each student puts into getting their education (studying, taking notes, asking questions, actively asking about your scores… etc.), the more they will get out of this program. It could take one semester, two semesters, even four or five semesters – it all depends on the effort and attitude that is put into learning.

When can I start?

Contact Christine Dunn (hyperlink to Getting Started page) for specific dates and information. You can also visit the Class Schedules tab (hyperlink to Class Schedules page) for general information regarding each semester.

If I pass a portion of the GED but I don’t graduate in the same semester will I have to retake it?

No, all your progress stays with you once you pass a subject.

Can I be GED Ready in one subject but still be on TABE in another?

Yes, the TABE test tells us roughly how well you might do on the actual GED test. You could meet the cut score in Reading & Language (which will allow you to take the RLA GED Ready) and yet still need to take the TABE test for Math because you have not met the cut score in that subject.

Do I have to pay for each class?

No, the $30 enrollment fee is for the entire semester. This covers your classes, TABE test & retake, 1 GED Ready test per subject, workbooks, and access to teachers for tutoring/instruction.

How long is this Spring Semester?

Spring Semester – 16 Weeks
Summer Semester – 12 Weeks
Fall Semester – 16 Weeks

Do you normally offer night and online classes?

Yes, we typically offer night classes in the Fall & Spring semesters only; there are no night classes during the summer semester. Due to COVID-19, our Face-to-Face classes are limited and many of our classes are held virtually through Zoom.

Can I just schedule the GED test?

There are 4 subtests that make up the GED (RLA, Math, Social Studies, & Science) that you can schedule separately.
Adults can schedule 1 or all 4 sections of the GED when they feel like they are ready to pass it. We suggest taking no more than one at a time.
Minors must submit passing Ready scores in order to request an age waiver, which must be approved by the state for a minor to schedule any portion of the GED.

Do I need to buy any books or supplies?

You will not need to buy any books! We have workbooks that you can take home and we will also share online resources with you throughout the entire semester. o If online, you will need to have internet access and access to a computer. You will also need paper & pencils/pens, and anything else that may help you study (index cards, sticky notes, etc.).