Online Learning

Choose from completely online degrees or a mixture of online, live online, in-class and hybrid courses.

Your Education on Your Schedule

Take classes at home, the library or your favorite restaurant — wherever you are, you can take advantage of CF’s online courses and degrees. Your college education should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around. Find balance with classes that go beyond the typical classroom structure.

And just because you’re not sitting in the classroom doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of all that CF has to offer. From tutoring services to student life activities to athletics and beyond, you have access to CF’s full set of student services and events.

Fully Online Degrees

Fully Online College Credit Certificates

Prep Courses

If college preparatory courses are needed for your degree plan, those courses may not be available online. Speak with your academic advisor if you have questions about online prep courses.

Contact Us

For general e-learning information, such as course structure and technology requirements, call the E-Learning Help Desk, 352-854-2322, ext. 1317, or email

Not sure if online classes are right for you? Take the E-Learning Readiness Self Test for an evaluation.

How are e-learning courses different from traditional classes?

CF offers three primary types of e-learning offerings:

  • Online courses are conducted primarily via the Internet, although some have required proctored exams.
  • Hybrid courses blend online instruction with a traditional classroom experience. A typical hybrid course will meet on campus one time per week and the remainder of the content will be delivered online.
  • Live-Online courses have scheduled online meeting times, usually through Zoom. Faculty will conduct instruction and moderate interaction live and most assignments will be submitted through Canvas.

Do e-learning courses cost the same as traditional courses?

Hybrid course fees are exactly the same as those of a traditional course. Online courses charge a $10 per credit e-learning fee, in addition to standard tuition and fees.

What technology do I need to complete an e-learning course?

E-learning courses may be completed using almost any computer running a recent version of any of the major web browsers. Mobile applications are available free of charge, for iOS and Android devices. Many E-Learning courses require proctored examinations. You will need access to a webcam and microphone to complete them. If you do not have one and cannot get one for yourself, contact the Ocala Learning Resource Center to check one out.

Who teaches e-learning courses?

E-learning courses are taught by credentialed faculty members, many of whom also teach traditional classes

What is the academic workload like in an e-learning course?

Online and hybrid courses are designed to be academically equivalent to traditional courses. Students often report spending more time on e-learning courses because of the self-directed nature of the instruction. This increase in time is offset by the flexibility offered, especially in online courses.