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Become a UCF Knight.

Transferring to the University of Central Florida has never been easier. The DirectConnect to UCF® program offers guaranteed admission (consistent with university policy) once you graduate with a CF Associate in Arts degree.

More than just a transfer program, DirectConnect to UCF® was designed to support you in your first two years at CF and streamline the process of transitioning to UCF for your bachelor’s degree.

DirectConnect™ to UCF saves you money and gives you the best college experience. Enjoy university benefits while taking advantage of CF’s low tuition, award-winning faculty and small class sizes.

The best part is you don’t have to wait to become part of the Knight life!

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Perks of DirectConnect™ to UCF


  • Shorter time to degree completion though academic advising
  • Smooth transition with admission and enrollment assistance
  • Step-by-step guidance through the transfer process
  • Supplementary financial aid guidance and resources
  • Access to UCF sites, activities and events
  • Career and academic preparation tool availability
  • An online community of student peers, advisors and resources
  • Acceptance into UCF’s Burnett Honors College for eligible CF Honor students
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First a Patriot, Next a Knight.

The process to become a University of Central Florida student through CF is easier than you’d think!

For new students: The first step is to fill out a CF admissions application. The application can be completed online in about ten minutes. On the application, there will be an area where you can indicate that you’re interested in transferring to the University of Central Florida.

For current CF students: If you’re already a CF student and want to enroll in the DirectConnect™Program, then all you have to do to get started is contact your academic advisor! Your advisor will walk you through the different transfer options and help you build out your academic pathway with the best mix of classes.

Once enrolled in the transfer program, you will receive academic advising from a DirectConnect™ to UCF advisor, who will help you through your remaining semesters at CF and with the transition to UCF.

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