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Business Administration Program

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Whether you are preparing to enter the workforce or are seeking the educational foundation to advance your career, studying Business Administration gives students the skills necessary to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly in today’s dynamic business environments.

CF’s Business Administration program trains individuals to assume management or supervisory roles in business, industry and government. This program provides basic skills in a variety of fields commonly needed in management positions, including communications, management, accounting, computer usage and marketing.

Graduates of the Program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective business communication skills.
  • Prepare or develop strategic or organizational skills.
  • Identify, classify and demonstrate management activities.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of accounting/budgeting operations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic functions of banking institutions.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in economic principles.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic marketing principles.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of effective business communication strategies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of principles of human resources.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of international social and cultural business practices.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the supervisory responsibilities of management.
  • Examine effective selling techniques and procedures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and practices of management.

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