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Week 2: Wonky Sculpture Live Zoom Instruction Dates: 9-11 a.m. on Monday June 14, Wednesday June 16, and Friday June 18 Do you have a camper that likes to carve or build? This week will give them the opportunity to work with wood, clay, and other materials to make three-dimensional sculptures. Camp includes five activities, […]

Physical Therapist Assistant Information Session


CF is conducting a Virtual Physical Therapist Assistant program information session through a Zoom presentation. Potential students must attend a session before applying to any of the programs. Sessions provide details about admissions criteria, program requirements, costs and more. There is no waiting list for any of the Health Science programs. Some programs have part-time […]

Tuesday Game Night – African-American Music Bingo


In celebration of African-American Music Appreciation Month, play our Music BINGO featuring the top African-American artist in music throughout time. We will play a snippet of a song and you'll guess the name of the song and mark it on your virtual BINGO card. The first person to meet the qualifiers and yell out “BINGO!” […]

Appleton Online Artist Talk: Maggie Taylor


Gainesville-based Maggie Taylor is a renowned digital artist who combines surrealism with 19th century aesthetics, referencing hand-colored type photographs. Her photography has been published in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll (2008), “Adobe Photoshop Master Class: Maggie Taylor’s Landscape of Dreams” (2005), and “No Ordinary Day” (2013), among others. In addition to the Appleton, her […]