Admissions FAQs

What are the passing test scores required for admission?

Reading English Algebra
ACT 19 17 19
PreACT 22 18 22
SAT/PSAT 24 25 24
PERT 106 103 114
Reading and Writing Algebra
Digital SAT/PSAT 490 480
Reading and Writing Math
CLT 38 16

What materials should be included in the application packet?

How can I become eligible for MAC1105 College Algebra?

In order to become eligible for College Algebra, students need to complete MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra or have received eligible Math placement test scores:

  • ACT: 25+
  • SAT: 26.5+
  • PERT: 123+
  • Digital SAT/PSAT: 530+

Can I place into a higher Math course than MAC1105?

Yes. Students who score a MAC1105-eligible Math placement score may attempt the Accuplacer Advanced Algebra and Functions Exam. Placement will be based on department determined cut off scores.

As well, students who have received credit by examination (AP, CLEP, AICE) for College Algebra or above may be eligible for higher math courses.

How do I register for placement testing?



*The two tests listed above require students to wait to receive the results.

PERT: This test is given at CF. Students receive their results as soon as they finish the exam. Students will need to bring the following:

  • $10 testing fee
  • Social security number
  • Photo identification

Visit or call 352-854-2322, ext. 1564 in Ocala, 352-249-1213 in Citrus County, or 352-658-4077 in Levy County to register.

CLM/AAF: Eligible students who wish to place into a higher-level math course than MAC1105 College Algebra may choose to take the CLM/Accuplacer Advanced Algebra and Functions assessment through the CF Testing Center.

Placement is based on scoring as shown here.

How do I register for my dual enrollment classes?

  • Go to the Course Schedule Search. Use this to look up the times and days of the available courses and then ask your counselor and CF advisor for advice.
  • You can view Academic Pathways for suggestions on how to structure course selections.
  • View your Degree Audit on MyCF, under the ‘Academics’ tab by scrolling down to the ‘Academic Record and Transcripts’ section. This tool can help you determine what requirements you still need to complete for the AA.
  • Go to the MyCF portal, select the ‘Enrollment’ tab, click ‘ Add or Drop Classes’ on the left side of the screen, click ‘Register for Classes’.

How many classes/credits can I take?

Credit limits are determined by grade level:

Year Fall Spring Summer
6th-8th Grade 3 credits 3 credits 0 credits
Freshmen 6 credits 6 credits 6 credits
Sophomores 6 credits 6 credits 9 credits
Juniors 9 credits 9 credits 12 credits
Seniors 16 credits 16 credits 0 credits

How do I withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop period?

Go to the MyCF portal, select the ‘Enrollment’ tab, click ‘Course Withdrawal’. Submit the online request or complete the Dual Enrollment Withdrawal form and submit it to their counselor or directly to us in person or by email (if home schooled student).

What happens if I withdraw from a course?

A withdrawal will result in a grade of ‘W’ on your CF transcript. While it does not affect GPA, it does reflect an unsuccessful attempt at a course which may affect financial aid eligibility later on.

Students are only allowed one withdrawal before they are no longer eligible to continue in Dual Enrollment.

If my GPA at the high school level drops below the initial eligibility requirement, can I remain in Dual Enrollment?

No. You must maintain at least a 3.0 high school GPA (or 2.0 for Career Academy/Vocational Cohorts) to remain eligible for dual enrollment. Please check with your high school counselor if you fear your GPA might be too low.

If I earn a D or F in a course but my other grades are high, can I continue in the dual enrollment program?

No, you will no longer be able to participate in the dual enrollment program.

If you experience difficulty with a course, do not wait to ask for help!

  • Contact your instructor.
  • Contact your high school counselor.
  • Contact a CF advisor for information about tutors and other college resources.

What do I need to do to continue at CF after graduating high school?

In order to continue your studies at CF after high school, please submit a new CF Application at and submit all other required documentation for admission.