Project Eagle

Project Eagle is a four-week summer program to help students become college ready in reading, writing and math. The class consists of 50-75 students who are preparing to start classes at CF. It is offered by CF’s Student Support Services, a federally funded TRIO program.

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  • Bridge the transition from high school and/or work to the community college.
  • Learn and develop valuable study skills that help you throughout college.
  • Improve reading, writing and math skills.
  • Get a head start or jump on community college life prior to the fall semester.
  • Become aware of options available at the community college.
  • Get to know the campus better.
  • Maximize your academic potential.
  • Develop relationships with professors and staff.
  • Develop a support network with your classmates.
  • Plan effectively and set goals.
  • Study and learn effectively.
  • Receive college transfer advisement.

Project Eagle Application

Contact Student Support Services with any questions about this program.