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Quality Enhancement Plan

College of Central Florida’s Quality Enhancement Plan, StartSmart@CF: Enhancing the First Year Experience, will enrich the first year experience and improve the environment for student learning by providing clear degree pathways designed with targeted academic support and engagement.

Our QEP topic, StartSmart@CF, was selected following a year-long institutional search in which the college constituency — faculty, staff, students, administrators and community — reviewed our institutional data and engaged in focus groups, roundtables, and surveys to identify topics that aligned with the college’s strategic plan. While a number of issues emerged during this phase, most concerning to faculty and staff were the challenges our students seem to face transitioning to CF. Our data indicated that many students lack the knowledge and skills to identify a major, develop an appropriate academic plan, access support resources and persist to achieve their goals. It became clear that we could improve the environment for student learning at the college by providing an enhanced first year experience for students supplemented by targeted academic support and engagement.

StartSmart@CF will be designed as a structured first year experience that will feature developmental advising, major pathways and degree maps, first-year experience/engagement courses/activities and an early intervention model to connect students to support resources more efficiently and effectively.

What is a QEP?

Each institution seeking reaffirmation of accreditation is required to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan. Engaging the wider academic community and addressing one or more issues that contribute to institutional improvement, the plan should be focused, succinct, and limited in length. The QEP describes a carefully designed and focused course of action that addresses a well-defined topic or issue(s) related to enhancing student learning.

How will CF’s QEP benefit students?

The QEP is designed to improve students’ knowledge and skills to plan, persist, and achieve educational goals.

Who will be involved?

The college constituency — faculty, staff, students, administrators and community — have been involved in the QEP from the start. They will continue to be involved as the plan is developed and implemented.

How can I be involved?

To learn more or to participate, contact Karla B. Wilson, QEP Implementation Director, Learning Resources Center, Room 104D, 352-854-2322, ext. 1363, wilsonkb@cf.edu.