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Identity Theft

Deter | Detect | Defend

The College of Central Florida encourages students, staff and the community to explore the Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft website.

Deter: Minimize Your Risk

  • Protect your Social Security number.
  • Treat trash and mail carefully.
  • Be on guard when using the Internet.
  • Select intricate passwords and change them frequently.
  • Verify sources before sharing information.
  • Safeguard your purse and wallet.
  • Store information in secure locations.
  • Learn about a credit freeze and identity theft insurance.

Detect Identity Theft

Monitor accounts and bank statements monthly and check your credit report on a regular basis.

Defend: Recover From Identity Theft

Take steps to respond and recover from identity theft as soon as you suspect it.

  • Place a fraud alert on credit reports and review credit reports.
  • Immediately close accounts that you believe have been affected.
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
  • File a police report.

Complete information is available at the Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft website.