Veterans’ Preference

Human Resources

Veterans’ Preference

The college is required by statute to give “preference” to veterans in employment in all Career Service positions in the Florida College System. Usually the preference standard is met if veterans who meet the minimum qualifications for the position are interviewed. Preference does not require the employment of a veteran over a better-qualified applicant.

Applicants claiming veterans preference must submit appropriate documentation (DD Forms 214) if they want to request veterans preference.

Only those positions listed in F.A.C. Rule 55A-7.005 are considered for veterans preference. Human Resources will identify the veteran covered positions. (Faculty and Administrative positions are exempt).

When the chair of the search committee or the hiring administrator recommends a non-veteran, the memo must document the reason for not selecting interviewed veterans. The decision is subject to review by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and by the Public Employees Relations Commission. For additional information about veterans preference, consult the Human Resources Office.