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Admissions 352-873-5802
Advising 352-873-5850
Canvas/Distance Learning Help Desk 352-854-2322, ext. 1317
Disability Services 352-854-2322, ext. 1209, 1421, 1430
Enrollment Services 352-873-5802
Financial Aid 352-873-5801
International 352-291-4404
Student Life 352-854-2322, ext. 1578 for Ocala, 2104 for Levy or 6179 for Citrus for Ocala Campus / for Citrus Campus / for Levy Campus
Testing and Assessment Ocala Campus: 352-854-2322 ext. 1564, 1572, 1463, 1322, or 1430 / Citrus Campus: 352-249-1213 / Levy Campus: 352-658-4077
Veterans Affairs 352-854-2322, ext. 1595

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AARNESS, Tara, Staff Assistant III, Communications and, Ext. 1232
ABBRUZZI, Steve, Instructor, Wellness,, Ext. 1333
ABSHIER, Nancy, Associate Professor, Business and Technology,, Ext. 1387
ADAMS, Wendy, Faculty, Humanities & Social Sciences,, Ext. 1546
AJLANI, Husam (Sam), Associate Professor, Business and Technology,, Ext. 1471
ALLING, Melissa, Assistant Professor, Communications,, Ext. 6132
ALTANY, Sharon, Business Manager – Athletics,, Ext. 1322
ALVARADO, Mercy, Staff IV, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1574
ANDERSON, Barbara, Professor, ADN Nursing,, Ext. 1350
ANENE, John, Professor, Social Sciences, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6126
APPLEWHITE, Novella, First Year Success Specialist – Advising,, Ext. 1337
ARTHUR, Paul, Chief Preparator, Appleton Museum,, Ext. 1833
ASH, John, Faculty, Visual & Performing Arts – Music,, Ext. 1203
ASH, Steven, Assistant Vice President for Finance,, Ext. 1278
AUSTIN, Alton, Director, Enrollment Services,, Ext. 1751
AVILA, Debora, Financial Aid Specialist II,, Ext. 1473
BAILEY, Patrick, Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences,, Ext. 1534
BALDWIN, Cindy, Public Service Division Specialist,, Ext. 1569
BARIL, Rachael, Senior Library Technician,, Ext. 6153
BARNETT, Donna, Enrollment Services Technician,, Ext. 1393
BARON, Megan, Admissions Advisor,, Ext. 1398
BEGLEY, Mary Ann, Director, Diversity & Inclusion/Title IX,, Ext. 1210
BENLOLO, Henri, Dean, Student Services,, Ext. 1430
BENNETT, Cara, Web Developer, Communications Specialist, Information Technology,, Ext. 1447
BENSCH, Susan, Specialist, Marketing and Public Relations,, Ext. 1372
BERNHARDT, Jana J.,Senior Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences,, Ext. 1540
BILLIG, Victoria, Assistant Director, Appleton Museum of Art,, Ext. 1294
BLACKSTOCK, John, Staff Asst III – E Learning,, Ext. 1816
BLEDSOE, Mel, Faculty, EMS,, Ext. 1252
BONELLO, Theresa, Public Safety Officer, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6135
BOSLEY, Andrew, Faculty, Mathematics Department,, Ext. 1403
BRACEY, Keith, Coordinator, Educational Opportunity Center,, Ext. 1369
BRADSHAW, Susan, Professor, Librarian,, Ext. 1342
BRAUCKMULLER, Lois, Director of Marketing, Public and Community Relations,, Ext. 1374
BROWN, Kirby, Associate Professor, Mathematics,, Ext. 1245
BROWN, Marissa, Admissions & School Relations Specialist,, Ext. 1379
BROWNE, Antoinette E., Instructional Assistant, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1526
BRYAN, Danielle, Staff Assistant III, Humanities,, Ext. 1502
BUFKA, Lori, Faculty, Associate Professor of Communications,, Ext. 1375
BURGOON, Dick, Programmer III, Information Technology,, Ext. 1249
BUTSCHER, Stephenie, Manager – Accounting,, Ext. 1904
CAMP, Amanda, Financial Aid Specialist II, Financial Aid,, Ext. 1902
CAPPS, Ken, Associate Professor, Science,, Ext. 1458
CARDONA, Maribel, Graphic Design & Web, Appleton Museum of Art,, Ext. 1835
CARR, Loren, Director, Corporate Training and Continuing Education,, Ext. 1496
CARRIGAN, Matthew, Faculty, Science,, Ext. 1812
CHADBURN, Martha, Staff Assistant IV – Levy,, Ext. 2102
CHASE, Piper, Facilities Worker, Ext. 1229
CHAUNCEY, Arlene, Computer Information Technology Specialist,, Ext. 1738
CHAVES, Rafael, Accounting Specialist lll,, Ext. 1727
CHRISTLIEB, Chad, Educational Advisor, Enrollment Services,, Ext. 1712
CIPOLLA, Mary, Property Maintenance Specialist, Business Office,, Ext. 1226
CLASS, James, Faculty, Welding, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2131
CLINTON, Jamie, Institutional and Research Analysis, Institutional Effectiveness,, Ext. 1690
CLUTTER, Tyrus, Associate Professor, Communications,, Ext. 1238
COBB, Brian, Mail Courier,, Ext. 1513
COFFEY, Lory, Assistant Director of Admissions & International Student Services,, Ext. 1624
COLLINS, Richard S., Trades Specialist, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1331
COLON, Eileen, Staff Assistant I – Citrus, Enrollment Management,, Ext. 6102
CONWAY, Terrence, Staff Assistant III, LRC,, Ext. 1711
COOPER, Kimberly, Transition Specialist,, Ext. 2156
COOPER, Ron L., Senior Professor, Philosophy and Humanities,, Ext. 1295
COOPER, Sandra, Professor, Communications,, Ext. 1361
COPELAND, Mary, Assessment Specialist, Academic and Career Assessment,, Ext. 1721
CORTES, Stephanie, Dean, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1275
COTE, Rachel, Manager of Web Communications & New Media, Marketing & Public Relations,, Ext. 1373
COTE, Zackery, Communications Faculty,, Ext. 1284
CROSBY, Cheryl, Director, Conference & Food Services,, Ext. 1481
CROSBY, Michael, Maintenance Coordinator, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1449
CROSS, Summer, Staff Assistant III, Testing,, Ext. 1572
DANUFF, Allan, AVP, Arts and Sciences,, Ext. 1262
DARLING-James, Regina, Coordinator: Educational Opportunity Center, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2108
DAVIDSON, Marie, Associate Professor, Business & Technology,, Ext. 1424
DAVIS, Berry III, Audiovisual Specialist/Videographer, Marketing and Public Relations,, Ext. 1328
DAVIS, Craig, Coordinator, Maintenance, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2148
DAVIS, Katheryn, Coordinator, Enrollment Services, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2104
DAVIS, Mark, Faculty, Business & Technology,, Ext. 1347
DAVIS, Nonalee, Faculty, Visual and Performing Arts,, Ext. 1220
DAVIS, Sandra, Associate Professor, Business and Technology,, Ext. 1530
DEES, James, Faculty, Digital Media,, Ext. 1253
DEESE, Thomas, Trades Specialist – Electrician,, Ext. 1229
DELGADO-OAKWOOD, Virginia, Associate Professor, Business & Technology,, Ext. 1429
DELGROSSO, Joanne, Accounting Specialist lll-Travel,, Ext. 1429
DENIS, Tony, Manager, Printing and Postal Services,, Ext. 1588
DIAZ, Caridad, Learning Support Specialist, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6122
DIAZ, Nicole, E-Learning Specialist,, Ext. 1475
DICKINS, James, Coordinator, Finance Services, Appleton Museum of Art,, Ext. 1842
DOHER, Jodi, Director, Education Talent Search,, Ext. 1371
DOSH, Shannon, Faculty, Communications,, Ext. 1371
DOUGLASS, Sally, Professor, Computer Information,, Ext. 1737
DOUGLASS, Tavis, Faculty, Business and Technology, Agribusiness,, Ext. 1770
DUNCAN, Jennifer, Faculty, Mathematics, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2114
DUNN, Christine, Coordinator – Adult Education Enrollment / Student Services, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2119
ESHLEMAN, Sarah, Graphic Design, Web and Public Relations Coordinator,, Ext. 1536
EVERETT, Leonard, Director – Student Success and Educational Outreach Programs, Student Affairs,, Ext. 1362
FAROOQ, Vajiha, Testing Specialist, Student Services,, Ext. 1332
FAUST, Teresa, Library Director, Learning Resources Center,, Ext. 1399
FIGUEROA, Kathleen, Learning Support Specialist, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2151
FISHER, Gina, Staff Assistant III, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1313
FORDE, Christine, Human Resources Assistant,, Ext. 1570
FREEMAN, Bertha, Professor, Science,, Ext. 1354
FRYNS, Jennifer, AVP, Career and Professional Programs,, Ext. 1728
GAMBLE, Leah, Manager of Instructional Services, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2118
GARCIA, Deyanira, Educational Advisor, Advising Center,, Ext. 1617
GARCIA, Edwin, Staff Assistant II, Testing, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6134
GARRATT, Amy, Staff Assistant IV, Criminal Justice,, Ext. 1356
GAYLE, Michelle, Coordinator, Human Resources,, Ext. 1766
GEISTFELD, Philip, Coordinator, EOC,, Ext. 6147
GIBSON, Alivia, Staff Assistant III, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1274
GILLETTE, Rebecca, Specialist II, Financial Aid,, Ext. 1454
GLEASON, Misty, Human Resources Specialist,, Ext. 1697
GONSALVES, Dawn, CFO, Foundation,, Ext. 1600
GORDON, Phyllis, Staff Assistant IV, LAS,, Ext. 1441
GOVANTES, Justine A., Executive Administrative Assistant, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6107
GRANT, Shena, Communications Center Specialist, Marketing & Public Relations,, Ext. 1587
GREENE, Larry, Grounds Supervisor – Facilities & Plant Operations
GREMANIS, Diana, Grant Specialist II,, Ext. 1221
GROSS, Erina, Financial Aid Specialist I,, Ext. 6113
GUERIN, Mickey, Public Safety Officer,, Ext. 1422
HAISTEN, Judy, Professor, Foreign Language,, Ext. 1654
HANDLEY, Hank, Systems Administrator, Information Technology,, Ext. 1845
HARDGROVE, Connie, Faculty, Business and Technology,, Ext. 1563
HARPER, Colleen, Manager – Membership/Events, Appleton Museum,, Ext. 1831
HARRIS, Dana, Faculty,
HARRISON, Alicia, First Year Success Specialist,, Ext. 6125
HART, Chenita, Director, Academic Advising and First Year Success,, Ext. 1302
HAYS, Bonnie, Business & Technology Coordinator,, Ext. 1855
HENNINGSEN, James, President,, Ext. 1312
HERBST, Teresa, Payroll Specialist, Financial Operations,, Ext. 1217
HERNANDEZ, Julia, Preschool Teacher II, Ext. 1607
HERROD, Virginia, Staff I, Citrus Instruction,, Ext. 6124
HESSE, Albert, Coordinator, Grounds Maintenance, Appleton Museum,, Ext. 1320
HOESTEREY, Jane, Associate Professor, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1678
HOLLIS, Denea, Assistant Registrar, Admissions and Records,, Ext. 1304
HOLMES, Michael J., Trades Specialist, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1229
HOOKER, Patti, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy Program, Hampton Center,, Ext. 1644
HUERTAS, Linda, Staff IV – Academic Advising,, Ext. 1489
HUNT, Katherine, Manager, Facilities Operations and Construction Projects,, Ext. 1729
IMES, Jean, Director of Financial Aid,, Ext. 1643
ISLAS, Susana, Educational Advisor, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6157
IVY, Thomas, Conference Services Coordinator,, Ext. 6140
JACKSON, Johnnie, Groundskeeper, Citrus Plant Operations, Ext. 6115
JAMES, Dottie, Admissions & Records Technician, Enrollment Services,, Ext. 1724
JAMES, Katelyn, Dual Enrollment Coordinator,, Ext. 1398
JENKINS, Keith, Public Safety Coordinator, Appleton Museum of Art,, Ext. 1623
JENKINS, Paul, Trades Technician,, Ext. 1229
JERNIGAN, Donna, Enrollment Specialist, Admissions and Records,, Ext. 1307
JOHNSON, Daniel, Technology Specialist, Information Technology,, Ext. 1622
JOHNSON, Lynn, Financial Aid Specialist II,, Ext. 1349
JOHNSON, Marvin E., Horticulture Aide, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1229
JONES, Tammy, Staff Assistant IV, E-Learning and Learning Resources,, Ext. 1514
JONES, Vincent, Systems Analyst, Information Technology,, Ext. 1668
JORANLIEN, Lisa, Faculty, Physical Therapy Assistant,, Ext. 1442
KEEFER, Nancy, Instructional Designer, Compliance Specialist,, Ext. 1509
KEENE, Robert, Coordinator, Academic Support,, Ext. 1776
KELLER, Ana, Accountant III, CF Foundation,, Ext. 1591
KELLEY, Kathleen, Coordinator, Criminal Justice Institute,, Ext. 1264
KIELTY, Lori A., Professor, Business & Technology,, Ext. 1383
KIELTY, Ronald E., Data Center Manager, Information Technology,, Ext. 1561
KIM, Kyeong-Tae, Associate Professor, Physical Sciences – Geology,, Ext. 1434
KING, Barbara, Faculty, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1464
KIRK, Richard F., Professor, Humanities/Social Sciences,, Ext. 1315
KIRKLAND, William, Associate Director, Financial Aid,, Ext. 1268
KISVARSANYI, Erika, Associate Professor, Science,, Ext. 1495
KLEPFER, Jennifer, Human Resources Director,, Ext. 1291
KNIERIM, Christine, Faculty, Social Sciences,, Ext. 1553
KNIFE, Chris, Vice President – Development | CEO CF Foundation,, Ext. 1388
KNIGHT, Lynn, Learning Support Specialist, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6121
KOHLWEISS, Lois, Staff Assistant III,, Ext. 1656
KUMMERLE, Jessica, Manager, Director of Government Relations and Special Assistant to the President,, Ext. 1598
LAGARES, Blanca, Accountant I, Student Accounts,, Ext. 1460
LANGSTON-WISE, Linda, Pre-School Teacher I,, Ext. 1607
LANZILLA, David, Associate Professor, Business & Technology,, Ext. 1725
LaPOINTE, Mary, Executive Administrative Assistant,, Ext. 1637
LAWTER, Vernon, Vice President, Regional Campuses,, Ext. 6109
LEE, Wanda, Manager Testing & Assessment,, Ext. 1463
LEWIS-VOGEL, Kim, Faculty – Science,, Ext. 1467
LONGTIN, Jason, Faculty, Visual and Performing Arts,, Ext. 1231
LOWREY, Jeanne, Bookstore Manager,, Ext. 1365
LU, Min, Faculty, Communications,, Ext. 1394
LUTZ, Lana, Business Analyst,, Ext. 1435
MALTAIS, Lynn, Associate Professor, Health Sciences – ADN,, Ext. 1611
MANLEY, James M., Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences,, Ext. 1641
MANLEY, Leann, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences,, Ext. 1324
MARINO, Rob, Associate Professor, Communications,, Ext. 1364
MARRERO, Angelia, Faculty – Health Sciences,, Ext. 1392
MARTIN, Angela, Faculty, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1445
MARTIN, Julio, Faculty, Biological Science,, Ext. 1584
MARTINEAU, Tammy, Faculty, Health Sciences – BSN,, Ext. 1916
MARTINEZ, Eva, Director of Student Accounts,, Ext. 1215
MASON, Traci, Director of Development,, Ext. 1436
MATHEW, Abraham, Assistant Professor, Business and Technology,, Ext. 1318
MATTHEWS, Matt, Director, Resource Development and Accreditation,, Ext. 1566
MAYER, Troy C., Trades Specialist, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1400
MAYNE, Dewith, Faculty, Business & Technology,, Ext. 1649, 6127
MAZUR, Jennifer, Assistant Professor, Communications,, Ext. 1321
McCADDEN, Dennine, Faculty, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1640
McCAMMON, Julee, Faculty, Social Sciences,, Ext. 1237
McCLAIN, Darin, Network/Server Support Specialist, Information Technology,, Ext. 1875
McDONOUGH, Cathy, ADN Faculty, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1582
McGEE, Marjorie, Director, Student Life,, Ext. 1578
McGINNES, Lisa, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations,, Ext. 1565
McGINNES, Rodney, Associate Professor, Emergency Medical Services,, Ext. 1327
McGLASHAN, Holly, Provost, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2103
McGRATH, Bill, Academic Support Specialist,, Ext. 1415
McINTOSH, Charles, Dean, Criminal Justice & Public Service,, Ext. 1360
McRAE, Karen, Faculty, Mathematics,, Ext. 6128
MEIER, James, Associate Professor, Humanities,, Ext. 1485
MELANCON, Stacey L., Foundation Scholarship Accounting Specialist, Foundation,, Ext. 1736
MENADIER, Judy, Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness,, Ext. 1550
MENGERS, Maria, Staff Assistant III, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1549
METZ, Cheryl, Technician, Admissions & Records,, Ext. 1319
MILLER, Shana M., Coordinator, Curriculum Services and Faculty Credentialing,, Ext. 1506
MILLS, Dejuan, Coordinator, Educational Opportunity Center,, Ext. 1801
MILLS, Kelli, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice,, Ext. 1384
MINNERLY, Elizabeth, Professor/Librarian, Learning Resources Center,, Ext. 1744
MIRANDA, Ernie, Programmer Analyst III, Information Technology,, Ext. 1448
MIRANDA, Janeth, Technician, Enrollment Services,, Ext. 1297
MOODY, Cynthia, Associate Professor, Business and Technology,, Ext. 1462
MOON, Troy, Technical Support Specialist, Information Technology,, Ext. 1703
MOONOAK, Alder (Luke), Assistant Professor, Humanities & Social Science,, Ext. 1285
MOORE, Andrew (Trey), Auditorium Manager, Visual & Performing Arts,, Ext. 1585
MORENO, Adalberto, Trades Technician, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1229
MORRIS, Willie, Transfer Specialist, Student Support Services,, Ext. 1677
MUNDEN, Connie, Enrollment Specialist, Admissions and Records,, Ext. 1309
MUTCH, Hollis, Museum Educator, Appleton Museum of Art,, Ext. 1613
NICELY, Pete, Associate Professor, Physical Sciences, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6202
NUNLEY, Linda, Educational Advisor, Enrollment Services,, Ext. 1330
ORLANDO, Anthony, PC/AV Tech, Information Technology,, Ext. 1701
OROZCO, Judy, Financial Aid Specialist,, Ext. 1592
ORTIZ-SANCHEZ, Brenda, Instructional Assistant,, Ext. 1635
OSBORNE, Amy, Faculty, Business Technology and Workforce Learning,, Ext. 1425
OWEN, Glenvin, Educational Advisor, Enrollment Services,, Ext. 1423
PALMER, Shawn, PTA Program,, Ext. 6199
PASQUALE, Denise, Citrus – Instruction,, Ext. 6142
PAUGH, Mark, Vice President of Academic Affairs,, Ext. 1223
PENEGOR, Clare, Faculty, Health Sciences – ADN,, Ext. 1404
PERRY, Elyse, ADN Program,, Ext. 6199
PFRIENDER, Cindy, Director of Accessibility & Counseling Services,, Ext. 1580
PIDHERNEY, Marsha, Professor, Equine Studies,, Ext. 1722
PINDER, Paula, Pre-School Teacher II, Child Development Center and Lab School,, Ext. 1607
PIPER, Chase, Facilities Worker,, Ext. 1229
PRIGGE, Jr. Roger, Adjunct Faculty,
PRINCE, Charles, Vice President of Administration & Finance,, Ext. 1637
PURCARO, Phyllis, Accountant I, Business Office,, Ext. 1783

QUIGLEY, Melissa, Faculty, Mathematics,, Ext. 1639

RAHAMAN, Bebe, Staff Assistant II, Center for Teacher Education,, Ext. 1405
RAMIREZ, Alberto, Coordinator, CJI,, Ext. 1380
RAMLOW, Edith, Manager, Learning Resources Center, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6120
RAMSAMMY, Jillian, Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and College Relations,, Ext. 1665
RECANZONE, Peggy, Health Sciences Recruiter, Outreach Specialist,, Ext. 1655
REUTTER, David, Museum Registrar, Appleton Museum of Art,, Ext. 1605
REYES, Saul, Vice President – Enrollment Management and Student Affairs,, Ext. 1547
REYES, Sharon, Staff Assistant III, Child Care,, Ext. 1607
REYNOLDS, Robert, PC/AV Technician, Information Technology,, Ext. 1355
RICHARDSON, Jacqueline, Pre-School Teacher II, Child Development,, Ext. 1266
RILEY, Darrell, Associate Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences,, Ext. 1397
ROARK, Janet, Specialist II, Financial Aid,, Ext. 1336
ROBBINS, Kathleen, Faculty, Teacher Education,, Ext. 1660
ROBERTS, Thanease, Faculty, Math,, Ext. 1346
ROBINSON, Raphel, Director of Admissions and Student Recruitment,, Ext. 1589
ROBINSON, Renae, Teacher Education,, Ext. 1915
RODRIGUEZ, Idelin, Staff Assistant II, Disability Services,, Ext. 1421
RODRIGUEZ, Rod, International Student Admissions and Advising Specialist,, Ext. 1543
ROHRBACHER, Caitlin, Title III First Year Success Advisor,, Ext. 1560
ROLLAND, Roberta, Faculty, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1426
ROSEMOND, Farrah, Pre-School Teacher III,, Ext. 1607
ROSEN, Lee, Associate Professor, Sociology,, Ext. 1499
ROSKOVICH, Leslie, Educational Advisor,, Ext. 1479
ROSS, Cherie, Executive Administrative Assistant – Institutional Effectiveness and College Relations,, Ext. 1427
RUIS, Lynn, Business Accounts Coordinator, Financial Operations,, Ext. 1807
RUIZ, Faithe, Coordinator, Online Library Resources and Instruction,, Ext. 1749
RUSS, Juanita, Mail Courier, CF Printing and Postal Services,, Ext. 1396
RUSSELL, Julie, Assessment Specialist, Enrollment Services, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6168
RUSSO, Michele, Accounting Specialist lll,, Ext. 1228
RYALS, Michael, Learning Commons Specialist, Learning Resources,, Ext. 1748
RYAN, Kelly, Coordinator, Visual and Performing Arts,, Ext. 1419
SADLER, Michael, Coordinator, Maintenance, Ext. 6112
SAKOWSKI, Mark, Manager, Plant Safety and Facilities Operations,, Ext. 1803
SAMPSON, Eric, Faculty, Science – Anatomy & Physiology,, Ext. 6130
SANDS, Mae, Associate Professor, Communications,, Ext. 1438
SATTERFIELD, Sarah, Professor, Visual and Performing Arts,, Ext. 1406
SCHENK, Steve, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6133
SCHEPPERS, Jean, Associate Professor, Foreign Language,, Ext. 1688
SCHWEIGHARDT, Rebecca, Librarian,, Ext. 1465
SCHIELKE, Nikki, Systems Programmer, Information Technology,, Ext. 1239
SCHNEIDERMAN, Jon, Faculty, Communications, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6129
SCHUCK, Melissa, Faculty,, Communications, Ext. 1233
SCHWAMBACH, Linda, Database Manager,, Ext. 1707
SCIOTTO, Frances-Ann, Faculty, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1277
SCOTT, Diana, Donor Relations Specialist, Foundation,, Ext. 1743
SCOTT, Vanessa, Museum Assistant,, Ext. 1834
SELLERS, Kimberly, Director. Learning Lab School,, Ext. 1266
SERNA, Julio, Tutor Coordinator/Advisor, Student Support Services,, Ext. 1258
SHEPPARD, Deanna, Transition Specialist/Instructor,, Ext. 2156
SHOTWELL, Jan, Public Safety Assistant,, Ext. 1261
SIEG, Kimberly, Advisor, Access Services,, Ext. 1301
SIMS, Amira, Faculty, Psychology, Humanities & Social Sciences,, Ext. 1612
SKELLY, Krystle, Educational Advisor, Levy Campus,, Ext. 2105
SMITH, Carol S., Executive Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs,, Ext. 1391
SMITH, Caroline W., Professor, Business,, Ext. 1437
SMITH, Jolene, Staff Assistant III, Mathematics,, Ext. 1779
SMITH, Lisa M., Director, Student Support Services,, Ext. 1243
SMITH, Marty, Head Coach, Men’s Baseball,, Ext. 1571
SMITH, Richard “Scott,” Associate Professor, Mathematics,, Ext. 1390
SMITH, Robert, Tradesworker, Appleton Museum,, Ext. 1832
SORRENTO, Lisandra, Faculty, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1409
STANCIL, Karen, Associate Professor, Science,, Ext. 1657
STEUBER, Jason, Director, Appleton Museum of Art,, Ext. 1820
STICKNEY, Linda, Executive Administrative Assistant, Foundation,, Ext. 1288
STRICKLAND, Frank, Trades Specialist, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1229
STRIGLE, Josh, Director of E-Learning and Learning Support Centers,, Ext. 1630
TANKERSLEY, Mark, Programmer I, Ext. 1604
TAYLOR, Mark, Assistant Professor, Science,, Ext. 1651
TELLEZ, Jeffrey, Tradesworker, AMA,, Ext. 1830
TELLEZ, Norma, Accounting Specialist III, Foundation,, Ext. 1211
THIBAULT, Jessyca, Student Activities & Outreach Coordinator,, Ext. 6141
THOMAS, Michael, Coordinator, Criminal Justice,, Ext. 1516
THOMAS, Susan, Assistant Director of First Year Success, Advising Center,, Ext. 1793
THOMPSON, Andrew A., Professor, Biological Sciences,, Ext. 1439
THOMPSON, Carole D., Senior Library Technician,, Ext. 1218
THOMPSON, Jay, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences,, Ext. 1723
THORNTON, Sylvia, Executive Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs,, Ext. 1402
TOLBERT, Melissa, Faculty, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1273
TOLSON, Karen, Educational Advisor, Business, Technology and Workforce,, Ext. 1593
TOMLINSON, Patricia, Curator of Exhibitions, Appleton Museum of Art,, Ext. 1837
TOMPKINS, Tom, Trades Specialist, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1331
TORMAN, Lucy, Coordinator – Corporate College,, Ext. 1214
TORO-CLARKE, Jose, Faculty, Mathematics, Ext. 1202
TOTH, MaryAnn, Records Technician,, Ext. 1381
TRAUTMAN, Stewart, Director, Purchasing & Risk Management,, Ext. 1227
TYLER, Elvie, Annual Giving & Alumni Relations Coordinator,, Ext. 1726
VIATOR, Kathy, Staff Assistant, Student Support Services,, Ext. 1761
VISHANAGRA, Kautilya “KJ”, Network Engineer , Information Technology,, Ext. 1234
VIVIANO-BRODERICK, Tamara, Dean for E-Learning and Learning Resources,, Ext. 1440
WAGNER, Kathryn, Faculty, Mathematics,, Ext. 1504
WALCOTT, Norma, Educational Advisor, Advising Center,, Ext. 1886
WALTHERS, Norman, PC/AV Technician, Information Technology,, Ext. 1417
WARD, Tammy, Staff Assistant IV, Business, Technology & Workforce,, Ext. 1359
WARDEN, Sonya, Director of Student Affairs, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6179
WARNER, Eric, Associate Professor of Speech, Communications,, Ext. 1594
WATTS, Chelsea, Faculty, Humanities, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6197
WEEKS, Pamela, Associate Professor, Mathematics,, Ext. 6163
WELCH, Ari, AV Automation Specialist, Information Technology,, Ext. 1699
WELLS, Rory, Manager, Instructional Services, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6117
WENDER, Pat, Assistant to Project Managers, Plant Operations,,, Ext. 1671
WESLEY, Lori, Print & Design Specialist,, Ext. 1483
WHITEHEAD, Sherie, Assistant Director, Financial Aid,, Ext. 1689
WILKERSON, Uvonda, Faculty, Health Sciences – Surgical Technology,, Ext. 1271
WILLIAMS, Janice, Mail Courier, Printing & Postal Services,, Ext. 1396
WILLIAMS, Trevis, Educational Advisor,, ext. 1620
WILSON, Karla, Director, StartSmart@CF, Professor, Psychology,, Ext. 1363
WILSON, Kathryn, Staff Assistant, Learning Resources Center,, Ext. 1754
WILSON, Tommy, Trades Specialist, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1229
WIRT, Michele B., Associate Professor, Humanities, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6131
WITKOWICH, Lori, Faculty, Communications,, Ext. 1247
WIYGUL, Cori, Career Pathways Coordinator, Business and Technology,, Ext. 1705
WOLF, Robert, Dean – Business, Technology & Workforce,, Ext. 1281
WORTHMAN, Diana, Conference Services Specialist,, Ext. 1648
WUTZLER, Mike, Financial Operations – Accountant III,, Ext. 1539
YAKASKI, Cynthia, Payroll Specialist,, Ext. 1267
YATES, Evan, Assistant Professor, Mathematics,, Ext. 1389
YORK-ALCORN, Rebecca, Educational Advisor, Citrus Campus,, Ext. 6181
YORK, William III, Instructional Assistant, Citrus County Campus,, Ext. 6123
ZACKE, Jerelyn (Strickland), Dental Faculty, Hampton Center,, Ext. 1730
ZARILLO, Lorraine, Faculty, Health Sciences,, Ext. 1674
ZELINSKI, Kit, Trades Specialist, Plant Operations,, Ext. 1229
ZELINSKI, Robert, Director, Athletics/Wellness Education,, Ext. 1325