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Admissions 352-873-5802 admissions@cf.edu
Advising 352-873-5850 advising@cf.edu
Canvas/Distance Learning Help Desk 352-854-2322, ext. 1317 DLhelp@cf.edu
Disability Services 352-854-2322, ext. 1209, 1421, 1430 disability@cf.edu
Enrollment Services 352-873-5802 registrar@cf.edu
Financial Aid 352-873-5801 askfinancialaid@cf.edu
International 352-291-4404 international@cf.edu
Student Life 352-854-2322, ext. 1578 for Ocala, 2104 for Levy or 6179 for Citrus mcgeem@cf.edu for Ocala Campus / wardens@cf.edu for Citrus Campus / davisk@cf.edu for Levy Campus
Testing and Assessment Ocala Campus: 352-854-2322 ext. 1564, 1572, 1463, 1322, or 1430 / Citrus Campus: 352-249-1213 / Levy Campus: 352-658-4077 testing@cf.edu
Veterans Affairs 352-854-2322, ext. 1595 veterans@cf.edu

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ABBRUZZI, Steve, Instructor, Wellness, abbruzzs@cf.edu, Ext. 1333
ABSHIER, Nancy, Associate Professor, Business and Technology, abshiern@cf.edu, Ext. 1387
ADAMS, Wendy, Faculty, Humanities & Social Sciences, adamsw@cf.edu, Ext. 1546
AJLANI, Husam (Sam), Associate Professor, Business and Technology, ajlanis@cf.edu, Ext. 1471
ALLEN, Jameka, Staff Assistant IV, Advising, allenjm@cf.edu, Ext. 1489
ALLEN-FUERTE, Jennifer, Foundation Accountant III, allenfujm@cf.edu, Ext. 1591
ALLING, Melissa, Assistant Professor, Communications, allingm@cf.edu, Ext. 6132
ALTANY, Sharon, Business Manager – Athletics, altanys@cf.edu, Ext. 1322
ALVARADO, Mercy, Staff IV, Health Sciences, alvaradc@cf.edu, Ext. 1574
AMBROSIA, Jennifer, Faculty, Social Sciences, ambrosij@cf.edu, Ext. 1681
ANENE, John, Professor, Social Sciences, Citrus Campus, anenej@cf.edu, Ext. 6126
APPLEWHITE, Novella, First Year Success Specialist – Advising, applewhn@cf.edu, Ext. 1337
ARTHUR, Paul, Chief Preparator, Appleton Museum, arthurp@cf.edu, Ext. 1833
ASH, John, Faculty, Visual & Performing Arts – Music, ashj@cf.edu, Ext. 1203
ASH, Jong, Faculty, Communications, ashjo@cf.edu, Ext. 1357
ASH, Steven, Assistant Vice President for Finance, ashs@cf.edu, Ext. 1278
AUSTIN, Alton, Director, Enrollment Services, austina@cf.edu, Ext. 1751
BAILEY, Patrick, Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences, baileyp@cf.edu, Ext. 1534
BALDWIN, Cindy, Public Service Division Specialist, baldwinc@cf.edu, Ext. 1569
BARIL, Rachael, Senior Library Technician, barilr@cf.edu, Ext. 6153
BARON, Megan, Admissions Advisor, baronm@cf.edu, Ext. 1398
BEGLEY, Mary Ann, Director of Compliance and Planning, begleym@cf.edu, Ext. 1210
BENLOLO, Henri, Dean, Student Services, benloloh@cf.edu, Ext. 1430
BENNETT, Cara, Web Developer, Communications Specialist, Information Technology, bennettc@cf.edu, Ext. 1447
BENSCH, Susan, Specialist, Marketing and Public Relations, benschs@cf.edu, Ext. 1372
BILLIG, Victoria, Assistant Director, Appleton Museum of Art, billigv@cf.edu, Ext. 1294
BLACKSTOCK, John, PC/AV Technician, Information Technology, blackstj@cf.edu, Ext. 1453
BLEDSOE, Mel, Faculty, EMS, bledsoem@cf.edu, Ext. 1252
BONELLO, Theresa, Public Safety Officer, Citrus Campus, bonellot@cf.edu, Ext. 6135
BONILLA, Jose, Instructional Aid, bonillaj@cf.edu, Ext. 1529
BOOKER, Harveysha, Staff Assistant III, EOC, bookerh@cf.edu, Ext. 1642
BOSLEY, Andrew, Faculty, Mathematics Department, bosleya@cf.edu, Ext. 1403
BRACEY, Keith, Coordinator, Educational Opportunity Center, braceyk@cf.edu, Ext. 1369
BRADSHAW, Susan, Professor, Librarian, bradshas@cf.edu, Ext. 1342
BRAUCKMULLER, Lois, Director of Marketing, Public and Community Relations, brauckml@cf.edu, Ext. 1374
BROWN, Kirby, Associate Professor, Mathematics, brownk@cf.edu, Ext. 1245
BROWN, Marissa, Admissions & School Relations Specialist, brownm@cf.edu, Ext. 1379
BROWNE, Antoinette E., Instructional Assistant, Health Sciences, brownea@cf.edu, Ext. 1526
BRUNO, Leeroy Spencer, Academic Support Specialist, E-Learning, brunol@cf.edu, Ext. 1246
BRYAN, Danielle, Staff Assistant IV, Arts & Sciences, bryand@cf.edu, Ext. 1441
BUFKA, Lori, Faculty, Associate Professor of Communications, bufkal@cf.edu, Ext. 1375
BURGOON, Dick, Programmer III, Information Technology, burgoond@cf.edu, Ext. 1249
BUSTAMANTE, Iris, Human Resources Coordinator, bustamai@cf.edu, Ext. 1524
BUTSCHER, Alex, Accountant I, butschea@cf.edu, Ext. 1727
CADY, Jeanine, Hampton Center Coordinator, cadyj@cf.edu, Ext. 1714
CALLAHAN, Tamra, Faculty, Health Sciences, callahat@cf.edu, Ext. 1464
CAMACHO, Mayori, First Year Success Specialist, matoscam@cf.edu, Ext. 1306
CAMP, Amanda, Financial Aid Specialist II, Financial Aid, campa@cf.edu, Ext. 1902
CAPPS, Ken, Associate Professor, Science, cappsk@cf.edu, Ext. 1458
CARR, Loren, Director, Corporate Training and Continuing Education, carrl@cf.edu, Ext. 1496
CARRIGAN, Matthew, Faculty, Science, carrigam@cf.edu, Ext. 1812
CARTER, Erin, Manager, President’s Office & Board Relations, cartere@cf.edu, Ext. 1311
CHADBURN, Martha, Staff Assistant IV – Levy, chadburm@cf.edu, Ext. 2102
CHASE, Piper, Facilities Worker, Ext. 1229
CHAUNCEY, Arlene, Computer Information Technology Specialist, chauncea@cf.edu, Ext. 1738
CHAVES, Rafael, Accounting Specialist lll, chavesr@cf.edu, Ext. 1727
CHEUVRONT, Samantha, Faculty, Health Sciences, cheuvros@cf.edu, Ext. 1597
CHRISTLIEB, Chad, Educational Advisor, Enrollment Services, christlc@cf.edu, Ext. 1712
CIERI, Mario, Fine Arts Center Manager, cierim@cf.edu, Ext. 1585
CIPOLLA, Mary, Property Maintenance Specialist, Business Office, cipollam@cf.edu, Ext. 1226
CLARKE, Sherrion, Staff Assistant III, Health Sciences, clarkes@cf.edu, Ext. 1274
CLASS, James, Faculty, Welding, Levy Campus, classj@cf.edu, Ext. 2131
CLEGG, Steven, Public Safety Lieutenant, cleggs@cf.edu, Ext. 1422
CLEMENS, James, Mail Courier, clemensj@cf.edu, Ext. 1513
CLINE, Shana, Faculty, Health Sciences, clines@cf.edu, Ext. 1273
CLINTON, Jamie, Institutional and Research Analysis, Institutional Effectiveness, clintonj@cf.edu, Ext. 1690
CLUTTER, Tyrus, Associate Professor, Communications, cluttert@cf.edu, Ext. 1238
COFFEY, Lory, Assistant Director of Admissions & International Student Services, coffeyl@cf.edu, Ext. 1624
COLLINS, Richard S., Trades Specialist, Plant Operations, crosbym@cf.edu, Ext. 1331
COLON, Eileen, Staff Assistant I – Citrus, Enrollment Management, colone@cf.edu, Ext. 6102
COOK, Tanisha, Staff Assistant III, Mathematics, cookta@cf.edu, Ext. 1779
COOPER, Kimberly, Transition Specialist, cooperk@cf.edu, Ext. 2156
COOPER, Ron L., Senior Professor, Philosophy and Humanities, cooperr@cf.edu, Ext. 1295
COOPER, Sandra, Professor, Communications, coopersa@cf.edu, Ext. 1361
COPELAND, Mary, Assessment Specialist, Academic and Career Assessment, copelanm@cf.edu, Ext. 1721
CORNILLE, Tracey, Faculty – ADN, cornillt@cf.edu, Ext. 1576
CORTES, Stephanie, Dean, Health Sciences, cortess@cf.edu, Ext. 1275
COTE, Rachel, Manager of Web Communications & New Media, Marketing & Public Relations, coter@cf.edu, Ext. 1373
COTE, Zackery, Communications Faculty, cotez@cf.edu, Ext. 1284
CROSBY, Cheryl, Director, Conference & Food Services, crosbyc@cf.edu, Ext. 1481
CROSBY, Michael, Maintenance Coordinator, Plant Operations, crosbym@cf.edu, Ext. 1449
CROSS, Summer, Staff Assistant III, Testing, crosss@CF.edu, Ext. 1572
CROWDER, Stephenie, Manager – Accounting, butsches@cf.edu, Ext. 1904
DANIEL, David, Faculty, Business, Technology & Workforce, danield@cf.edu, Ext. 1583
DANUFF, Allan, AVP, Arts and Sciences, danuffa@cf.edu, Ext. 1262
DAVIDSON, Marie, Associate Professor, Business & Technology, davidsom@cf.edu, Ext. 1424
DAVIS, Berry III, Audiovisual Specialist/Videographer, Marketing and Public Relations, davisb@cf.edu, Ext. 1328
DAVIS, Craig, Coordinator, Maintenance, Levy Campus, davisc@cf.edu, Ext. 2148
DAVIS, Glamel (Rosa), Financial Aid Specialist I, davisgl@cf.edu, Ext. 1596
DAVIS, Katheryn, Coordinator, Enrollment Services, Levy Campus, davisk@cf.edu, Ext. 2104
DAVIS, Mark, Faculty, Business & Technology, davismar@cf.edu, Ext. 1347
DAVIS, Michelle, Accounting Specialist III, davismi@cf.edu, Ext. 1358
DAVIS, Nonalee, Faculty, Visual and Performing Arts, davisno@cf.edu, Ext. 1220
DAVIS, Sandra, Associate Professor, Business and Technology, daviss@cf.edu, Ext. 1530
DEESE, Thomas, Trades Specialist – Electrician, deeset@cf.edu, Ext. 1229
DELGADO-OAKWOOD, Virginia, Associate Professor, Business & Technology, oakwoodv@cf.edu, Ext. 1429
DELGROSSO, Joanne, Accounting Specialist lll-Travel, delgrosj@cf.edu, Ext. 1429
DeSensi, Christina, Staff Assistant I, desensic@cf.edu, Ext. 6124
DENIS, Tony, Purchasing Agent & Risk Management Specialist, denist@cf.edu, Ext. 1527
DIAZ, Caridad, Learning Support Specialist, Citrus Campus, diazc@cf.edu, Ext. 6122
DIAZ, Nicole, E-Learning Specialist, diazn@cf.edu, Ext. 1475
DICKINS, Michael, Conference Services Operations, dickinsm@cf.edu, Ext. 1648
DOHER, Jodi, Director, Education Talent Search, doherj@cf.edu, Ext. 1371
DOSH, Shannon, Faculty, Communications, doshs@cf.edu, Ext. 1371
DOUGLASS, Tavis, Faculty, Business and Technology, Agribusiness, douglast@cf.edu, Ext. 1770
DUNCAN, Jennifer, Faculty, Mathematics, Levy Campus, duncanj@cf.edu, Ext. 2114
DUNN, Christine, Coordinator – Adult Education Enrollment / Student Services, Levy Campus, dunnc@cf.edu, Ext. 2119
Eckenroth, Laura, Nursing Faculty, eckenrol@cf.edu, Ext. 1734
ELKINS, Kerry, Museum Specialist, elkinsk@cf.edu, Ext. 1834
ESHLEMAN, Sarah, Graphic Design, Web and Public Relations Coordinator, eshlemas@cf.edu, Ext. 1536
EVERETT, Leonard, Director – Student Success and Educational Outreach Programs, Student Affairs, everettl@cf.edu, Ext. 1362
FAROOQ, Vajiha, Testing Specialist, Student Services, farooqv@cf.edu, Ext. 1332
FIGUEROA, Kathleen, Learning Support Specialist, Levy Campus, figuerok@cf.edu, Ext. 2151
FISHER, Gina, Staff Assistant III, Health Sciences, fisherg@cf.edu, Ext. 1313
FORDE, Christine, Human Resources Assistant, fordec@cf.edu, Ext. 1570
FREEMAN, Bertha, Professor, Science, freemanb@cf.edu, Ext. 1354
FRYNS, Jennifer, AVP, Career and Professional Programs, frynsj@cf.edu, Ext. 1728
GAMBLE, Leah, Manager of Instructional Services, Levy Campus, gamblel@cf.edu, Ext. 2118
GARCIA, Deyanira, Educational Advisor, Advising Center, garciad@cf.edu, Ext. 1617
GARCIA, Edwin, Staff Assistant II, Testing, Citrus Campus, garciae@cf.edu, Ext. 6134
GARRATT, Amy, Staff Assistant IV, Criminal Justice, garratta@cf.edu, Ext. 1356
GAYLE, Michelle, Coordinator, Human Resources, gaylem@cf.edu, Ext. 1766
GEISTFELD, Philip, Coordinator, EOC, geistfep@cf.edu, Ext. 6147
GIBSON, Alivia, Postal and Printing Manager, gibsona@cf.edu, Ext. 1588
GILLETTE, Rebecca, Specialist II, Financial Aid, gillettr@cf.edu, Ext. 1454
GLEASON, Misty, Human Resources Specialist, gleasonm@cf.edu, Ext. 1697
GONSALVES, Dawn, CFO, Foundation, gonsalvd@cf.edu, Ext. 1600
GOVANTES, Justine A., Executive Administrative Assistant, Citrus Campus, hausheej@cf.edu, Ext. 6107
GREENE, Larry, Grounds Supervisor – Facilities & Plant Operations
GREMANIS, Diana, Grant Specialist II, gremanid@cf.edu, Ext. 1221
GROSS, Erina, Financial Aid Specialist I, grosse@cf.edu, Ext. 6113
GUERIN, Mickey, Public Safety Officer, guerinn@cf.edu, Ext. 1422
HAISTEN, Judy, Professor, Foreign Language, haistenj@cf.edu, Ext. 1654
HANDLEY, Hank, Systems Administrator, Information Technology, handleyh@cf.edu, Ext. 1845
HARDGROVE, Connie, Faculty, Business and Technology, hardgroc@cf.edu, Ext. 1563
HARPER, Colleen, Manager – Membership/Events, Appleton Museum, harperc@cf.edu, Ext. 1831
HARLAND, Amanda, Programmer Analyst I, harlandac@cf.edu, Ext. 1604
HARRIS, Dana, Faculty, harrisd@cf.edu
HARRISON, Alicia, First Year Success Specialist, harrisoa@cf.edu, Ext. 6125
HART, Chenita, Director, Academic Advising and First Year Success, hartc@cf.edu, Ext. 1302
HAYS, Bonnie, Business & Technology Coordinator, haysb@cf.edu, Ext. 1855
HENNINGSEN, James, President, henningj@cf.edu, Ext. 1312
HERBST, Teresa, Payroll Specialist, Financial Operations, herbstt@cf.edu, Ext. 1217
HERNANDEZ, Julia, Preschool Teacher II, Ext. 1607
HOLLIS, Denea, Assistant Registrar, Admissions and Records, hollisd@cf.edu, Ext. 1304
HOOKER, Patti, Associate Professor, Physical Therapy Program, Hampton Center, hookerp@cf.edu, Ext. 1644
HUERTAS, Linda, Staff Assistant III, Business, Technology and Workforce, huertasl@cf.edu, Ext. 1456
HUNT, Katherine, Manager, Facilities Operations and Construction Projects, huntk@cf.edu, Ext. 1729
IMES, Jean, Director of Financial Aid, imesj@cf.edu, Ext. 1643
ISLAS, Susana, Educational Advisor, Citrus Campus, islass@cf.edu, Ext. 6157
IVY, Thomas, Conference Services Coordinator, ivyt@cf.edu, Ext. 6140
JAMES, Dottie, Admissions & Records Technician, Enrollment Services, jamesdo@cf.edu, Ext. 1724
JENKINS, Keith, Public Safety Coordinator, Appleton Museum of Art, jenkinsk@cf.edu, Ext. 1623
JENKINS, Paul, Trades Technician, jenkinsp@cf.edu, Ext. 1229
JERNIGAN, Donna, Enrollment Specialist, Admissions and Records, johnsono@cf.edu, Ext. 1307
JOHNSON, Daniel, Technology Specialist, Information Technology, johnsond@cf.edu, Ext. 1622
JOHNSON, Lynn, Financial Aid Specialist II, johnsonl@cf.edu, Ext. 1349
JOHNSON, Marvin E., Horticulture Aide, Plant Operations, johnsonm@cf.edu, Ext. 1229
JONES, Vincent, Systems Analyst, Information Technology, jonesv@cf.edu, Ext. 1668
JORANLIEN, Lisa, Faculty, Physical Therapy Assistant, joranlil@cf.edu, Ext. 1442
Karius, Hunter, Advisor, Access Services, kariush@cf.edu, Ext. 6209
KEEFER, Nancy, Instructional Designer, Compliance Specialist, keefern@cf.edu, Ext. 1509
KEENE, Robert, Coordinator, Academic Support, keener@cf.edu, Ext. 1776
KELLEY, Kathleen, Coordinator, Criminal Justice Institute, kelleyk@cf.edu, Ext. 1264
KIELTY, Lori A., Professor, Business & Technology, kieltyl@cf.edu, Ext. 1383
KIELTY, Ronald E., Data Center Manager, Information Technology, kieltyr@cf.edu, Ext. 1561
KIM, Kyeong-Tae, Associate Professor, Physical Sciences – Geology, kimk@cf.edu, Ext. 1434
KIRK, Richard F., Professor, Humanities/Social Sciences, kirkr@cf.edu, Ext. 1315
KIRKLAND, William, Associate Director, Financial Aid, kirklang@cf.edu, Ext. 1268
KISVARSANYI, Erika, Associate Professor, Science, kisvarse@cf.edu, Ext. 1495
KLEPFER, Jennifer, Human Resources Director, klepferj@cf.edu, Ext. 1291
KNIERIM, Christine, Professor, Humanities, Social Sciences, Teacher Education & Communications, knierimc@cf.edu, Ext. 1341
KNIFE, Chris, Vice President – Development | CEO CF Foundation, knifec@cf.edu, Ext. 1388
KNIGHT, Lynn, Learning Support Specialist, Citrus Campus, knightl@cf.edu, Ext. 6121
KOHLWEISS, Lois, Staff Assistant III, kohlweil@cf.edu, Ext. 1656
LANGSTON-WISE, Linda, Pre-School Teacher I, wisel@cf.edu, Ext. 1607
LANZILLA, David, Associate Professor, Business & Technology, lanzilld@cf.edu, Ext. 1725
LAWTER, Vernon, Vice President, Regional Campuses, lawterv@cf.edu, Ext. 6109
LEE, Wanda, Manager Testing & Assessment, leew@cf.edu, Ext. 1463
LEWIS-VOGEL, Kim, Faculty – Science, lewisvok@cf.edu, Ext. 1467
LONGTIN, Jason, Faculty, Visual and Performing Arts, longtinj@cf.edu, Ext. 1231
LU, Min, Faculty, Communications, lum@cf.edu, Ext. 1394
LUMLEY, Lauren, Cross Country Coach, lumleyl@cf.edu, Ext. 1482
LUTZ, Lana, Business Analyst, lutzl@cf.edu, Ext. 1435
MALTAIS, Lynn, Associate Professor, Health Sciences – ADN, maltaisl@cf.edu, Ext. 1611
MANLEY, James M., Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences, manleyj@cf.edu, Ext. 1641
MANLEY, Leann, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, manleyl@cf.edu, Ext. 1324
MARCOU, Travis, First Year Success Specialist, marcout@cf.edu, Ext. 1433
MARTIN, Angela, Faculty, Health Sciences, martina@cf.edu, Ext. 1445
MARTIN, Julio, Faculty, Biological Science, martinj@cf.edu, Ext. 1584
MARTINEAU, Tammy, Faculty, Health Sciences – BSN, martinet@cf.edu, Ext. 1916
MARTINEZ, Eva, Director of Student Accounts, martinee@cf.edu, Ext. 1215
MASON, Traci, Director of Development, masont@cf.edu, Ext. 1436
MATHEW, Abraham, Assistant Professor, Business and Technology, mathewa@cf.edu, Ext. 1318
MATILE, Luisina, Faculty, EMS, matilel@cf.edu, Ext. 1905
MATOBA, Robert, Associate Professor, EMS, matobar@cf.edu, Ext. 1251
MATTHEWS, Matt, Director, Resource Development and Accreditation, matthewm@cf.edu, Ext. 1566
MAYER,Justin, Manager, Plant Operations and Construction, mayerj@cf.edu, Ext. 1219
MAYER, Troy C., Trades Specialist, Plant Operations, mayert@cf.edu, Ext. 1400
MAYNE, Dewith, Faculty, Business & Technology, mayned@cf.edu, Ext. 1649, 6127
MAZUR, Jennifer, Assistant Professor, Communications, mazurjen@cf.edu, Ext. 1321
McCAMMON, Julee, Faculty, Social Sciences, mccammoj@cf.edu, Ext. 1237
McCLAIN, Darin, Network/Server Support Specialist, Information Technology, mcclaind@cf.edu, Ext. 1875
McDONOUGH, Cathy, ADN Faculty, Health Sciences, mcdonouc@cf.edu, Ext. 1582
McGEE, Marjorie, Director, Student Life, mcgeem@cf.edu, Ext. 1578
McGINNES, Lisa, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations, mcginnel@cf.edu, Ext. 1565
McGINNES, Rodney, Associate Professor, Emergency Medical Services, mcginner@cf.edu, Ext. 1327
McGLASHAN, Holly, Provost, Levy Campus, mcglashh@cf.edu, Ext. 2103
McGRATH, William, Academic Support Specialist, mcgrathw@cf.edu, Ext. 1415
McINTOSH, Charles, Dean, Criminal Justice & Public Service, mcintosc@cf.edu, Ext. 1360
McRAE, Karen, Faculty, Mathematics, mcraek@cf.edu, Ext. 6128
MEIER, James, Associate Professor, Humanities, meierj@cf.edu, Ext. 1485
MELANCON, Stacey L., Foundation Scholarship Accounting Specialist, Foundation, melancos@cf.edu, Ext. 1736
MENADIER, Judy, Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness, menadiej@cf.edu, Ext. 1550
MENGERS, Maria, Staff Assistant III, Health Sciences, mengersm@cf.edu, Ext. 1549
MERIDITH, Tania, Faculty, Health Sciences, meridittm@cf.edu, Ext. 1678
METZ, Cheryl, Technician, Admissions & Records, metzc@cf.edu, Ext. 1319
MILLER, Shana M., Coordinator, Curriculum Services and Faculty Credentialing, millers@cf.edu, Ext. 1506
MILLS, Dejuan, Coordinator, Educational Opportunity Center, millsd@cf.edu, Ext. 1801
MILLS, Kelli, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, millsk@cf.edu, Ext. 1384
MINNERLY, Elizabeth, Professor/Librarian, Learning Resources Center, minnerll@cf.edu, Ext. 1744
MIRANDA, Ernie, Programmer Analyst III, Information Technology, mirandae@cf.edu, Ext. 1448
MIRANDA, Janeth, Technician, Enrollment Services, mirandaj@cf.edu, Ext. 1297
MOODY, Cynthia, Associate Professor, Business and Technology, moodyc@cf.edu, Ext. 1462
MOON, Troy, Technical Support Specialist, Information Technology, moont@cf.edu, Ext. 1703
MORALES, Cindi, Financial Aid Scholarship Specialist, moralesc@cf.edu, Ext. 1451
MORENO, Adalberto, Trades Technician, Plant Operations, morenoa@cf.edu, Ext. 1229
MORRELL, Brandon, Disability Services Assessment and Accommodations Specialist, morrellb@cf.edu, Ext. 1395
MORRIS, Willie, Transfer Specialist, Student Support Services, morrisw@cf.edu, Ext. 1677
MULLIGAN, Mark, PC/AV Technician, mulligamw@cf.edu, Ext. 1355
MUTCH, Hollis, Museum Educator, Appleton Museum of Art, mutchh@cf.edu, Ext. 1613
NARDELLI, Rob, Faculty, MIS, nardelr@cf.edu, Ext. 1367
NICELY, Pete, Associate Professor, Physical Sciences, Citrus Campus, nicelyp@cf.edu, Ext. 6202
NORBERTO-WHIPPLE, Michelle, Faculty, whipplem@cf.edu, Ext. 1470
NUNLEY, Linda, Educational Advisor, Enrollment Services, nunleyl@cf.edu, Ext. 1330
ORLANDO, Anthony, PC/AV Tech, Information Technology, orlandoa@cf.edu, Ext. 1701
OROZCO, Judy, Financial Aid Specialist, orozcoj@cf.edu, Ext. 1592
ORTIZ-SANCHEZ, Brenda, Instructional Assistant, ortizb@cf.edu, Ext. 1635
OSBORNE, Amy, Faculty, Business Technology and Workforce Learning, osbornea@cf.edu, Ext. 1425
PALMER, Shawn, PTA Program, palmers@cf.edu, Ext. 6199
PASQUALE, Denise, Citrus – Instruction, pasquald@cf.edu, Ext. 6142
PATEL, Ekta, Programmer Analyst I, patele@cf.edu, Ext. 1548
PAUGH, Mark, Vice President of Academic Affairs, paughm@cf.edu, Ext. 1223
PENEGOR, Clare, Faculty, Health Sciences – ADN, penegorc@cf.edu, Ext. 1404
PEOPLES, Faith, Admissions Advisor peoplesf@cf.edu, Ext. 1918
PERRY, Elyse, ADN Program, perrye@cf.edu, Ext. 6199
PFRIENDER, Cindy, Director of Accessibility & Counseling Services, pfriendc@cf.edu, Ext. 1580
PINDER, Paula, Pre-School Teacher II, Child Development Center and Lab School, pinderp@cf.edu, Ext. 1607
PREECE, Ashlyn, E-Learning & Learning Support Specialist, preecea@cf.edu, Ext. 1711
PRIGGE, Jr. Roger, Adjunct Faculty, Roger.Prigge@cf.edu
PRINCE, Charles, Vice President of Administration & Finance, princech@cf.edu, Ext. 1637
PURCARO, Phyllis, Accountant I, Business Office, purcarop@cf.edu, Ext. 1783
QUIGLEY, Melissa, Faculty, Mathematics, quigleym@cf.edu, Ext. 1639
RAHAMAN, Bebe, Staff Assistant II, Center for Teacher Education, rahamanb@cf.edu, Ext. 1405
RAMLOW, Edith, Manager, Learning Resources Center, Citrus Campus, ramlowe@cf.edu, Ext. 6120
RAMSAMMY, Jillian, Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and College Relations, ramsammj@cf.edu, Ext. 1665
RECANZONE, Peggy, Health Sciences Recruiter, Outreach Specialist, recanzop@cf.edu, Ext. 1655
REED, Lillian, Educational Advisor, reedl@cf.edu, Ext. 1560
REGEL, Kim, Staff Assistant III, Communications regelk@cf.edu, Ext. 1232
REUTTER, David, Museum Registrar, Appleton Museum of Art, reutterd@cf.edu, Ext. 1605
REYES, Saul, Vice President – Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, reyess@cf.edu, Ext. 1547
REYES, Sharon, Executive Administrative Assistant, Foundation, reyessh@cf.edu, Ext. 1288
RICHARDSON, Jacqueline, Pre-School Teacher II, Child Development, richardj@cf.edu, Ext. 1266
RIOS, Yeidilene, Librarian, riosy@cf.edu, Ext. 1465
ROARK, Janet, Specialist II, Financial Aid, roarkj@cf.edu, Ext. 1336
ROBBINS, Kathleen, Faculty, Teacher Education, robbinsk@cf.edu, Ext. 1660
ROBERTS, Thanease, Faculty, Math, robertst@cf.edu, Ext. 1346
ROBINSON, Raphel, Director of Admissions and Student Recruitment, robinsra@cf.edu, Ext. 1589
ROBINSON, Renae, Teacher Education, robinsor@cf.edu, Ext. 1915
RODRIGUEZ, Idelin, Staff Assistant II, Disability Services, rodrigui@cf.edu, Ext. 1421
ROHRBACHER, Caitlin, Title III First Year Success Advisor, rohrbaca@cf.edu, Ext. 1560
ROLLAND, Roberta, Faculty, Health Sciences, rollandr@cf.edu, Ext. 1426
ROSEMOND, Farrah, Pre-School Teacher III, rosemonf@cf.edu, Ext. 1607
ROSEN, Lee, Associate Professor, Sociology, rosenl@cf.edu, Ext. 1499
ROSKOVICH, Leslie, Educational Advisor, roskovil@cf.edu, Ext. 1479
ROSS, Cherie, Executive Administrative Assistant – Institutional Effectiveness and College Relations, rossc@cf.edu, Ext. 1427
RUIS, Lynn, Business Accounts Coordinator, Financial Operations, ruisl@cf.edu, Ext. 1807
RUIZ, Faithe, Library Director, ruizf@cf.edu, Ext. 1749
RUSS, Juanita, Mail Courier, CF Printing and Postal Services, russj@cf.edu, Ext. 1396
RUSSELL, Julie, Assessment Specialist, Enrollment Services, Citrus Campus, russellj@cf.edu, Ext. 6168
RUSSO, Michele, Accounting Specialist lll, russom@cf.edu, Ext. 1228
RYALS, Michael, Learning Commons Specialist, Learning Resources, ryalsm@cf.edu, Ext. 1748
RYAN, Kelly, Coordinator, Visual and Performing Arts, ryank@cf.edu, Ext. 1419
SADLER, Michael, Coordinator, Maintenance sadlerm@cf.edu, Ext. 6112
SAKOWSKI, Mark, Manager, Plant Safety and Facilities Operations, sakowskm@cf.edu, Ext. 1803
SAMPSON, Eric, Faculty, Science – Anatomy & Physiology, sampsone@cf.edu, Ext. 6130
SANDS, Mae, Associate Professor, Communications, sandsm@cf.edu, Ext. 1438
SATTERFIELD, Sarah, Professor, Visual and Performing Arts, satterfs@cf.edu, Ext. 1406
SCHENK, Steve, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Citrus Campus, schenks@cf.edu, Ext. 6133
SCHEPPERS, Jean, Associate Professor, Foreign Language, scheppej@cf.edu, Ext. 1688
SCHIELKE, Nikki, Systems Programmer, Information Technology, schielkn@cf.edu, Ext. 1239
SCHUCK, Melissa, Faculty, schuckm@cf.edu, Communications, Ext. 1233
SCHWAMBACH, Linda, Database Manager, schwambl@cf.edu, Ext. 1707
SCOTT, Diana, Donor Relations Specialist, Foundation, scottd@cf.edu, Ext. 1743
SELLERS, Kimberly, Director. Learning Lab School, sellersk@cf.edu, Ext. 1266
SERNA, Julio, Tutor Coordinator/Advisor, Student Support Services, sernaj@cf.edu, Ext. 1258
SHEPPARD, Deanna, Transition Specialist/Instructor, sheppard@cf.edu, Ext. 2156
SHINABERRY, Alyssa, Financial Aid Specialist, shinabea@cf.edu, Ext. 6113
SHOTWELL, Jan, Public Safety Assistant, shotwelj@cf.edu, Ext. 1261
SIEG, Kimberly, Advisor, Access Services, siegki@cf.edu, Ext. 1301
SIMS, Amira, Faculty, Psychology, Humanities & Social Sciences, simsa@cf.edu, Ext. 1612
SINGLETON, Jennifer, Staff Assistant III, Health Sciences, singleje@cf.edu, Ext. 1717
SKELLY, Krystle, Educational Advisor, Levy Campus, skellyk@cf.edu, Ext. 2105
SMITH, Carol S., Executive Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs, smithcs@cf.edu, Ext. 1391
SMITH, Caroline W., Professor, Business, smithc@cf.edu, Ext. 1437
SMITH, Jolene, Communications Center Assistant, Marketing & Public Relations, smithjol@cf.edu, Ext. 7815
SMITH, Lisa M., Director, Student Support Services, smithl@cf.edu, Ext. 1243
SMITH, Marty, Head Coach, Men’s Baseball, smithm@cf.edu, Ext. 1571
SMITH, Richard “Scott,” Associate Professor, Mathematics, smiths@cf.edu, Ext. 1390
SORRENTO, Lisandra, Faculty, Health Sciences, vidall@cf.edu, Ext. 1409
STANCIL, Karen, Associate Professor, Science, stancilk@cf.edu, Ext. 1657
STEUBER, Jason, Director, Appleton Museum of Art, steuberj@cf.edu, Ext. 1820
STRICKLAND, Frank, Trades Specialist, Plant Operations, stricklf@cf.edu, Ext. 1229
STRIGLE, Josh, Director of E-Learning and Learning Support Centers, striglej@cf.edu, Ext. 1630
TAYLOR, Mark, Assistant Professor, Science, taylorm@cf.edu, Ext. 1651
TELLEZ, Jeffrey, Tradesworker, AMA, tellezj@cf.edu, Ext. 1830
TELLEZ, Norma, Accounting Specialist III, Foundation, tellezn@cf.edu, Ext. 1211
THIBAULT, Jessyca, Enrollment Technician, thibaulj@cf.edu, Ext. 1280
THOMAS, Kayleigh, Visitor Services Specialist, thomaska@cf.edu, Ext. 1849
THOMAS, Michael, Coordinator, Criminal Justice, thomamic@cf.edu, Ext. 1516
THOMAS, Susan, Assistant Director of First Year Success, Advising Center, thomassu@cf.edu, Ext. 1793
THOMPSON, Andrew A., Professor, Biological Sciences, thompsoa@cf.edu, Ext. 1439
THOMPSON, Carole D., Senior Library Technician, thompsoc@cf.edu, Ext. 1218
THOMPSON, Jay, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, thompsoj@cf.edu, Ext. 1723
THORNTON, Sylvia, Executive Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs, thorntos@cf.edu, Ext. 1402
TOLSON, Karen, Educational Advisor, Business, Technology and Workforce, tolsonk@cf.edu, Ext. 1593
TOMLINSON, Patricia, Curator of Exhibitions, Appleton Museum of Art, tomlinsp@cf.edu, Ext. 1837
TOMPKINS, Tom, Trades Specialist, Plant Operations, tompkint@cf.edu, Ext. 1331
TORMAN, Lucy, Coordinator – Corporate College, tormanl@cf.edu, Ext. 1214
TOTH, MaryAnn, Records Technician, tothm@cf.edu, Ext. 1381
TRAUTMAN, Stewart, Director, Purchasing & Risk Management, trautmas@cf.edu, Ext. 1227
TYLER, Elvie, Annual Giving & Alumni Relations Coordinator, tylere@cf.edu, Ext. 1726
VELEZ, Fernando, Assessment Specialist, velezf@cf.edu, Ext. 1760
VIATOR, Kathy, Staff Assistant IV, Student Support Services, viatork@cf.edu, Ext. 1761
VISHANAGRA, Kautilya “KJ”, Network Engineer , Information Technology, vishnagk@cf.edu, Ext. 1234
VIVIANO-BRODERICK, Tamara, Dean for E-Learning and Learning Resources, vivianot@cf.edu, Ext. 1440
VOIRO, Anthony, Trades Technician, voiroa@cf.edu, Ext. 1229
WALCOTT, Norma, Educational Advisor, Advising Center, walcottn@cf.edu, Ext. 1886
WALTHERS, Norman, PC/AV Technician, Information Technology, walthern@cf.edu, Ext. 1417
WARD, Tammy, Staff Assistant IV, Business, Technology & Workforce, wardt@cf.edu, Ext. 1359
WARDEN, Sonya, Director of Student Affairs, Citrus Campus, wardens@cf.edu, Ext. 6179
WARNER, Eric, Associate Professor of Speech, Communications, warnere@cf.edu, Ext. 1594
WATTS, Chelsea, Faculty, Humanities, Citrus Campus, wattsc@cf.edu, Ext. 6197
WEBBER, Audriana, Admissions and School Relations Specialist, webbera@cf.edu, Ext. 1512
WEEKS, Pamela, Associate Professor, Mathematics, weeksp@cf.edu, Ext. 6163
WELCH, Ari, AV Automation Specialist, Information Technology, welcha@cf.edu, Ext. 1699
WELLS, Rory, Manager, Instructional Services, Citrus Campus, wellsr@cf.edu, Ext. 6117
WENDER, Pat, Assistant to Project Managers, Plant Operations,, wenderp@cf.edu, Ext. 1671
WESLEY, Lori, Print & Design Specialist, wesleyl@cf.edu, Ext. 1483
WHITEHEAD, Sherie, Assistant Director, Financial Aid, whitehes@cf.edu, Ext. 1689
WILKERSON, Uvonda, Faculty, Health Sciences – Surgical Technology, wilkersu@cf.edu, Ext. 1271
WILLIAMS, Janice, Mail Courier, Printing & Postal Services, williamj@cf.edu, Ext. 1396
WILLIAMS, Trevis, Educational Advisor, williamt@cf.edu, ext. 1620
WILSON, Felita, Educational Advisor, wilsonf@cf.edu, Ext. 1423
WILSON, Karla, Director, StartSmart@CF, Professor, Psychology, wilsonkb@cf.edu, Ext. 1363
WILSON, Kathryn, Staff Assistant, Learning Resources Center, wilsonka@cf.edu, Ext. 1754
WIRT, Michele B., Associate Professor, Humanities, Citrus Campus, wirtm@cf.edu, Ext. 6131
WITKOWICH, Lori, Faculty, Communications, witkowil@cf.edu, Ext. 1247
WIYGUL, Cori, Career Pathways Coordinator, Business and Technology, wiygulc@cf.edu, Ext. 1705
WOLF, Robert, Dean – Business, Technology & Workforce, wolfr@cf.edu, Ext. 1281
WOOD, Shelby, Admissions Technician, woods@cf.edu, Ext. 1669
WORTHMAN, Diana, Specialist (Perkins) Business and Technology, worthmad@cf.edu, Ext. 1382
WUTZLER, Mike, Financial Operations – Accountant III, wutzlem@cf.edu, Ext. 1539
YAKASKI, Cynthia, Payroll Specialist, yakaskic@cf.edu, Ext. 1267
YATES, Evan, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, yatese@cf.edu, Ext. 1389
YORK-ALCORN, Rebecca, Educational Advisor, Citrus Campus, yorkr@cf.edu, Ext. 6181
YORK, William III, Instructional Assistant, Citrus County Campus, yorkw@cf.edu, Ext. 6123
ZACKE, Jerelyn (Strickland), Dental Faculty, Hampton Center, zackej@cf.edu, Ext. 1730
ZARILLO, Lorraine, Faculty, Health Sciences, zarillol@cf.edu, Ext. 1674
ZELINSKI, Kit, Trades Specialist, Plant Operations, zelinskk@cf.edu, Ext. 1229