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The Jack Wilkinson Levy Campus is an official GED Testing site.

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GED® Test

The GED examination is comprised of four sub-tests: language arts (includes reading and writing), social studies, science, and mathematics. All sub-tests are multiple-choice, short answer, extended response, and drag and drop answer formats. In order to take the GED exam, individuals must have a valid email address, create a GED Account at, and schedule the exam.

The GED Examination costs $128 for the full battery or $32 for each sub-test. If you do not cancel appointments at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, your exam fee will be forfeited. Examination fees are nonrefundable. Call 352-658-4077 for assistance with registration or further information.

GED® Ready Test

Applicants are strongly encouraged to take the GED Ready Test prior to taking the Official GED Examination. Results of the GED Ready Test give an excellent indication of potential success on the GED Examination and can identify any areas where scores could be improved. The GED Ready Test is $6 per module and can be scheduled and taken through your GED account. Levy Campus Adult Education students may take the entire GED Ready Test modules free of charge (per approval of Adult Education Personnel).
Official GED® Test Passing Scores

Candidates who pass the GED Examination receive a State of Florida High School Diploma from the Florida Department of Education. The passing scores are 145 on each of the four sub-tests. There is no total point requirement, as there was with the 2002 series. You must score 145 on each sub-test. Your test administrator will give you a printout that tells you how to retrieve your scores online.
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Bring limited items with you on your appointment day. Our test lab is a Pearson Vue test lab, and you may not bring any personal items in the lab. Personal items will be kept in a locker, and you will not be able to access items on your breaks (unless food or medication).

Order GED® Transcripts