Associate in Science

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technology, A.S.


This 77-credit hour Associate in Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technology at CF provides a quality comprehensive, competency-based education to prepare graduates for immediate employment in the profession of medical imaging as an entry-level sonographer. Graduates can be employed in hospitals, medical centers, clinics, outpatient centers and OB/GYN offices.

The program utilizes the cohort education model. Students in a cohort will advance through the Sonography curriculum at the same pace and learn the content at the same time. This model allows for shared learning and critical analysis, relationship building on a personal and professional level, ongoing peer support, customized instruction and learning resources based on the needs of the cohort members.

Important Note: For Fall 2024*, all CF Sonography applicants must meet one the following admissions criteria to be eligible to apply for the DMS program:

1. Must have a Bachelor’s degree (any major) or foreign degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in the U.S. or Canada


2. Must be a graduate of an accredited single two-year allied health education program that is patient-care related. Allied health occupations include, but are not limited to, diagnostic medical sonographer, radiologic technologist, respiratory therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, registered nurse, etc.

This is a limited access program, with additional criteria for program admission and course registration.

*Fall 2025 admissions criteria may differ.

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Course Information

General Education Courses


Semester 1


# Course # Course Title Credits
1 ENC 1101 Freshman Composition Skills 3
2 HUM 1020 Introduction to Humanities (or any state HUM course) 3
3 BSC 2085 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3
4 BSC 2085L Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 1
5 MAC 1105 College Algebra (prereq: MAT 1033) 3
    TOTAL: 13


Semester 2

# Course # Course Title Credits
6 PHY 1020 Elementary Physics for Nonscience Majors 3
7 BSC 2086 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3
8 BSC 2086L Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab 1
9 AMH 2020

or POS 2041

United States History Since 1877

or American National Government

with passed FL Civic Literacy Exam

10 HSC 2531 Medical Terminology (optional) 3
    TOTAL: 13


Core Sonography Courses




# Course # Course Title Credits
1 SON 1000 Introduction to Sonography 2
2 SON 1000L Introduction to Sonography Lab 1
3 SON 1211C Medical Sonography Physics I 3
4 SON 1113 Sonographic Cross-Sectional Anatomy (online) 3
5 SON 1111 Abdominal Sonography 1 2
6 SON 1111L Abdominal Sonography 1 Lab 2
    TOTAL: 13




# Course # Course Title Credits
7 SON 2053 Medical & Surgical Diseases (online) 3
8 SON 2212C Medical Sonography Physics II 3
9 SON 2112 Abdominal Sonography II 1
10 SON 2112L Abdominal Sonography II Lab 2
11 SON 1121 Obstetrics/Gynecology Sonography I 2
12 SON 1121L Obstetrics/Gynecology Sonography Lab I 1
13 SON 1808 Clinical Education I 6
    TOTAL: 18




# Course # Course Title Credits
14 SON 2818 Clinical Education II (12 weeks) 9
    TOTAL: 9




# Course # Course Title Credits
15 SON 2122 Obstetrics/Gynecology Sonography II 2
16 SON 2122L Obstetrics/Gynecology Sonography Lab II 1
17 SON 2140 Vascular & Small Parts Sonography 3
18 SON 2140L Vascular & Small Parts Sonography Lab 2
19 SON 2828 Clinical Education III 6
    TOTAL: 14




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