EMS Transfer of Credits

EMS Transfer of Credits

The College of Central Florida’s EMS Program will accept transfer of credits under the following conditions:

  • Florida licensed EMTs may receive credit for CF’s EMT course work.
  • Paramedics who have completed their paramedic training at a CoAEMSP accredited paramedic programs may receive credit for CF’s paramedic course work.
  • Paramedics from non-accredited paramedic programs will not receive any transfer credit for their paramedic course work.

Advanced Placement

Paramedic students who have partially completed paramedic training from another CoAEMSP accredited training program may receive credit under the following conditions:

  • The student must produce a letter from the initial institution stating that the student left the program in good standing.
  • In order for the student to complete at CF we must have documentation that the student has met ALL of the objectives required. Therefore, the student must provide documentation from the initial institution as to exactly which objectives they have successfully completed. The student will be required to complete all of the objectives not covered in the initial program, even if that means repeating a similar course because the objectives were slightly different.

Experiential Learning

Students with medical training, including nursing, military medical training, etc. are not given advanced placement in the EMS Program.

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